How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

HowHow to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App many hours do you spend on Instagram per day? Like most people, probably too much! Instagram has been dominating the world of social media apps for a while now and despite a worthy challenger in TikTok, it seems to be positioned as the leader for the foreseeable future.

No longer is Instagram only for selfies and funny memes, it's an advertising juggernaut with over 1 billion users. Like many Amazon affiliates and sellers, you're probably looking for a fast, easy-to-implement tactic to dramatically grow your Amazon revenue from social media— specifically Instagram— after all, you need to be where your customers are!

There is Instagram advertising of course, and organic posts with corporate branding and images of your products and that's all well and good. Why not go a step further, however, and link directly from Instagram advertising (or your profile) directly to your Amazon store and/or specific product listings? Or, if you're an influencer or affiliate, looking to boost your Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram? It all boils down to opening the Amazon app from social media using a mobile app URL not a regular web URL.

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How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon AppStep 1: Secure that ad budget (check!); Step 2: Grab your brand's Amazon store link or the product detail links you want to promote (check!); and Step 3: Place those links as the call to action behind your Instagram ad.

Easy right?

Well hold up— not so fast— will that regular Amazon link open the app from Instagram? The answer is no, it actually keeps you within the Instagram app and sends you to the Amazon web login instead.

So, why are my Amazon links not opening up in the app on my iPhone or other smartphone?

No fault of Amazon itself, the regular Amazon link cannot open the app because the Instagram app (or any social app) will direct the shopper to the Amazon website— where logging in is required to engage or purchase the product. Although it might seem like a simple inconvenience, this ultimately leads most people to abandon their shopping effort.

How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

Wouldn’t it make more sense to link from the Instagram app to the Amazon app versus the Amazon website? Yes, of course— because most shoppers use the app which is on their smart phone and keeps them logged in!

It could be smooth sailing without any logins when going from your Instagram ad to the 'Buy' button on your product page if you only had the right link. This post will tell you how to get the right mobile app URLs for Amazon affiliates, sellers, and marketers, and avoid that web login without SDKs and any technical resources. You might be wondering, 'What is a mobile app for an Amazon affiliate? Stay tuned in and find out!

First, let's dig into the details about advertising from social media directly to the Amazon app.

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Why Are My Amazon Links Not Opening in the App?

It's important to drive non-Amazon traffic to your Amazon store and product listings for identifying new and existing customers on social media. That web login, however, is going to stop your visitor's shopping journey like a brick wall (a brick-walled garden that is!).

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret that lets you link seamlessly link from an Instagram ad (or your profile) to the Amazon app on iOS or Android— all automatically from the same campaign link! Plus if you're using Amazon Attribution to measure your campaigns— no problem include those tags so you can see and identify your results at the link level in the Amazon Ad console.

Learn more about how directly linking social media ads to the Amazon app and other marketplace apps can boost conversion in this video.

Platforms such as URLgenius (that’s us!) enable Amazon sellers to update their Amazon links to add additional app deep linking capabilities that solve that walled garden issue simply by updating the link. URLgenius is the best alternative to other deep linking technologies because the platform does not require an SDK and it’s the only verified Amazon Ads partner that can do this!

How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

Not only do you increase sales at that moment, you also gain any engagement signal that would put the shopper back into the funnel for remarketing. Meaning that your sales go up and your on-site Amazon search rankings improve because of the increased sales velocity.

Link to open the Amazon app to the right screen from the Instagram app rather than asking your customers to log into the Amazon mobile website will help you boost engagement, product consideration, revenue, and ultimately your product rankings.

Pro Tip: Your shoppers may not be familiar with the URLgenius domain. You can use your brand's domain for your URLgenius Amazon app deep links. This helps you extend your brand name to the link and establish increased trust when deep linking from Instagram to the Amazon app.

So let's go over how to optimize your Amazon links for your Instagram campaigns so that you can link directly to your Amazon store and products and other Amazon links.

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Step-by-Step: How to Link Amazon to Instagram With Mobile App URLs for Amazon Affiliates

Wondering how to link all that affiliate activity on Amazon to Instagram? Or maybe how to get your Amazon links to open in the iPhone app or Google Play app? Easy. At URLgenius, we make it easy for you to get a leg up on your Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram strategy by perfecting the process of creating those mobile app URL links for Amazon affiliates—and you don’t need any technical resources and there's nothing to install. URLgenius is the only verified Amazon Ads partner that can pass Amazon Attribution tags in-app from social media all without SDKs. In fact, you can follow these steps and update your campaign links today!

How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

Learn more about how instant app linking increases sales and conversion!

  1. The first thing you need to do is to navigate to the Amazon page and copy the link from the address bar. (This could be the link to your storefront, product, or even a product category link.)
  2. You only need the core links— you can remove any navigation tags that may have been added as you searched for the right Amazon link to make sure they don't interfere with tracking or opening the app.

    How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

  3. Paste the link into the box provided on the URLgenius home page. When pasting the link, notice the Amazon icon is highlighted— this tells you that URLgenius understands the type of link you just pasted.

  4. You can customize the end of the link to match your campaign to make it easy to find later. If not needed, just use the pre-populated random characters.

  5. Click the “Compose” which takes you to the settings page for your Amazon app deep link, where you can copy and place it into your Instagram ad. To test the behavior of the link, scan the QR code or email it.

    How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

Notice that there are advanced features on the settings page— this is also where you can see clicks and the number of app-opens. You can also enable Amazon Attribution tags on the link so you can track how much revenue is being driven by your Instagram campaign and your URLgenius app deep link.

Pro tip: If you are enrolled in the Amazon Attribution program, you can authenticate your Amazon account in the settings for your URLgenius account. Once you do that, URLgenius will automatically include your Amazon Attribution tags! This feature is currently only supported for store pages and product detail pages. For other types of pages, include your Amazon measurement tags when you create your URLgenius link by building the link in the Amazon Ads console.

QR Codes for the Amazon App

Doing a multi-channel campaign in coordination with your Instagram ad? Lucky for you, every URLgenius app deep link also has a corresponding QR code.

Create a branded app deep link and custom QR code to use online or offline to promote your Amazon store and product listings. Use them in posters, retail displays, tradeshows, and giveaway promotions. Just click on 'QR Settings' to find and download your code.

How to Generate Instagram Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App

URLgenius will track scans and clicks separately and you can append tags for tracking in ways that won't disrupt scanning (including too many tags and appending them the wrong way is a common 'QR code fail!').

How to Post Amazon Affiliate Links on Instagram

Congrats! You're a step further into increasing those Amazon Influencer and Affiliate commissions with your handy dandy URLgenius mobile app URLs for Amazon. Now it's time to put them to good use on Instagram!

Now, considering Instagram doesn't allow direct linking on individual posts and reels, you might be wondering, 'How do I post these Amazon affiliate links on Instagram?'

Easy! You have a few great options at your feet:

Post Amazon affiliate links on your Instagram story

Your Instagram story is a very convenient place to post your Amazon affiliate links, especially if you're someone who's sharing Amazon mobile app URLs to your Instagram followers on a daily or near daily basis!

All you have to do swipe is right on over to the 'story' part of the app, and take a picture or video of either you using the product or of just the product itself. Then, tap on the sticker options and scroll down to the 'link' option, where you can go ahead and post the corresponding Amazon affiliate link, from where you can place the link sticker wherever you please on your Instagram story post! Easy as pie, right?

Link your Amazon Storefront directly from your Instagram bio

Did you know that you can also genrate a custom mobile app URL for your Amazon Storefront with us? You sure can (after all, you can create a mobile app URL with us for nearly any link to any app!).

From there, all you have to do is press the edit button on your Instagram profile and put the mobile app URL to your Amazon storefront right in your bio section. Again, easy!

Place your Amazon affiliate links on your Linktree page and post on your Instagram bio

If you haven't created a Linktree account yet, we highly recommend it! (In fact, we have an entire post on how to set up an account and add your URLgenius-generated social links and Amazon affiliate links to each button!)

We're of the belief that Linktree is an affiliate and influencer must—where else can you consolidate all of your social media accounts and affiliate links in one convenient place? Once you're all set up, you can post your Linktree page across all social channels, including your Instagram via the bio section!

URLgenius is the Link to Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Instagram Success

As of today, Instagram is the center of the social media universe. If you're an Amazon Seller and you're not selling directly from social media you could be missing sales and remarketing opportunities. So then, doesn’t it make sense to build a seamless bridge between the two with a URLgenius app deep link?

We are always here to help you with your campaigns! Contact us with questions at about Amazon marketing and deep links.

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