App Linking for Marketplace Sellers

Boost Revenue 2-5x from Social Media

Instantly Unlock Social Media Revenue

App links remove friction in the consumer journey when linking app-to-app. Shoppers can click out of social media apps more smoothly into marketplace apps like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more while avoiding mobile web logins. Shoppers can instantly purchase, view product details and add-to-cart.

Measure Results with In-App Attribution

See results immediately! App links let you measure revenue and other signals when linking from social media and other off-site channels. Simply append attribution tags for any marketplace app including Amazon and see your results in the Retailers console (e.g., Amazon Ads console) or other dashboards. Measure shopper interest signal for remarketing and watch your results soar!

Branded, App-to-App Experiences at Scale

Easily apply your brand’s domain to your links when linking into any e-commerce app. Enterprise solutions for Dynamic App Deep linking let you create branded app links at scale without SDKs or technical resources. Implement branded marketplace app links in data feeds and other advanced solutions to drive and measure in-app sales and product interest signal.

“It was so simple, and I saw measurable results immediately. Plus, the increase in revenue multiplied over time as we increased our remarketing opportunities. Now we’re planning to scale campaigns across all our brands.” — VP of Marketplace Growth

Patented, Enterprise Technology

The industry’s only patented solution that solves for app-to-app friction without SDKs. A cloud-based solution means there’s nothing to install and no technical resources required.

Scale with Dynamic App Linking

Streamline your campaign operations with Dynamic Deep Linking. Generate your app links by simply prepending a unique prefix to the advertiser’s link.

Trusted By Global E-commerce Brands

The preferred app linking solution for brands around the world. Trusted by leading retailers, URLgenius is a verified Amazon Ads partner for measurement and attribution.

Privacy Forward

No SDK means no tracking of your customers around the internet. Only you see your campaign data which is never collected for retargeting or shared with third parties.

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