QR Strategy Guide: What You Need to Know to Get Them Right

Do you have a plan in place to meet the newfound demand for mobile, frictionless consumer interaction? We’ve created the definitive guide to making your QR code strategy your most effective marketing channel.

What’s Inside?

A sound QR code strategy enables you to take a data-driven approach to creating streamlined, transformative, mobile friendly experiences. From point-of-purchase displays to restaurant menus, QR codes give you a deep understanding of your customer and your mobile touchpoints.

  • How the best brands are already leveraging this powerful channel in their marketing mix, and why you need to catch up
  • The most common factors that can derail your QR experience, and how to avoid them
  • The QR design and density mistakes that you’re probably making that render your codes unscannable
  • How the URL tracking you’re using can “break” your campaigns and how to fix it
  • Surefire tactics to save the day when your QR code is printed but the campaign has changed

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This information is like taking Master Class in QR codes. It has everything you need to know to get them right.
Director of Marketing, Retailer