Enterprise Dynamic QR Code Generator

Create web and app deep linking QR codes with URLgenius

Create Low Density QR Codes

URLgenius empowers you to create low density QR codes which are easy for mobile devices to scan. Our QR code generator creates high fidelity QR codes that can be deployed across channels and link to any web page or mobile app screen. No SDK necessary for mobile app deep linking.

Bulk QR Code Generation via API

Create QR codes enmass with our API. Dynamically append marketing analytic parameters to send attribution information to your app, web or channel analytics solution. We never profile devices or sell data to third parties.

Provide Seamless CX - QR Codes for Direct Mail, Packaging and POS

Connect offline to online experiences in a cohesive approach by placing QR codes in direct mail to drive service and support. Include QR codes on product packaging to serve video content that sells, or easy reordering. Drive mobile app installs at point of sale with dynamic QR codes.

Weave a Physical Web of Links

Make it easier for mobile users to navigate your brand. Start weaving a web of mobile links that seamlessly connect your physical and digital experiences.

Create Augmented Reality QR Codes

Generate QR codes that open AR experiences on mobile devices. Deep link to branded native app AR screens or to Instagram filters, or Snapchat lenses.

Monitor Traffic and Analytics

View your daily clicks and app-open trends in your URLgenius dashboard. Pass dynamic tracking parameters through URLgenius links into your web and mobile analytics platforms.

Conditional Routing Link Destinations Anytime

Update app destination or web destinations at any time, even after your QR codes are in flight. Route QR codes deployed to different geographies to the most prominent mobile apps for the geo. Deliver optimal CX experience through conditional routing.

A High-Fidelity, Elegant Solution for QR Code Generation

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