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QR Experience Playbook: 5 Next-Level Strategies for QR Marketing Success

Do you have a plan in place to meet today’s demand for mobile, frictionless consumer interaction? We’ve created this playbook for marketers about making your QR codes your most effective marketing channel.

QR codes: The missing link in your 2021 marketing strategy

Oh, what a difference one year makes.

Think back to before the pandemic. You’re probably shopping online now more than ever in this digital-first COVID world. You’re tied to your mobile device and, rightly so, looking for contactless ways to consume information so that you can, one, stay safe, and two, access what you need in the moment. So are your customers.

This could be something as urgent as ensuring you have the most up-to-date healthcare information during a pandemic to something as simple as buying a new pair of shoes by scanning a code on the tag of the ones you’re wearing to avoid hitting the stores. We’re talking about QR codes here and yes, they are back and better than ever (like your favorite 90s trend!).

What you might recall was an interesting but lackluster mobile experience 10 years ago is now more relevant than ever. If it’s not a serious part of your marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond you’re missing out. Dive in to this QR Experience Playbook to learn how a well-executed QR code strategy will create well-designed, positive experiences and transactions for your customers, ultimately driving more revenue for your business.

The 5 strategies for QR marketing success

You may feel like you’re scrambling a bit to make sure that you’ve got a plan in place to meet this new found mobile demand. Here are the top considerations for using QR codes.

1. View QR codes strategically

Leading brands across industries are now viewing QR codes as a vehicle to transform the brand experience. Start by having a strategic conversation at your company about how your brand will exist and grow in an increasingly contactless world. If you do not view QR experiences strategically, you will be at a competitive disadvantage.

Start with questions like these:

  • What are the most important interactions with customers?
  • Can a QR experience delight while making it easier to do business with your brand?
  • Which marketing channels should be used to promote a contactless experience?

2. View QR codes as a marketing channel

QR codes offer you another strategic marketing channel, just like email, search, print advertising and social media. They can help you find new customers or re-engage existing ones. In a mobile-first world, your customers are expecting your com- pany to help them do things smarter and faster. This presents you with an opportunity to use QR codes in creative ways to get customers and prospects into your marketing funnel.

You and your customers are both learning how to use and interact with this new channel. Start small and grow your QR code channel as you gain more experience.

QR codes can also be used to lead consumers to other mar- keting channels and content. For example, are you investing in YouTube content? Use QR codes to easily let consumers open the YouTube app directly to your channel , specific video or campaign hashtag to increase views and subscribers.

Cosmetics companies like L’Oreal, for example, are now using in-store QR codes to lead consumers to virtual experiences and social media content on how to apply makeup and beauty products...

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