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Surveillance Marketing: How Apps Enable Third-Party Tracking as Marketers Shift to Third-Party Strategies

As marketers, the shift to first-party data strategies won’t happen overnight yet the risk of data leaks and breaches via third-party domain connections is still very real and we can show you how to see them and prevent them.

We took a look at 200 apps across 20 categories to understand third-party domain connection risk even when customers deny permission to track. Download the report and see how your app category compares.

What you’ll learn

  • Apps make on average 15 potential tracking connections with 80% being to third-party domains
  • Most apps are still connecting to obscure or unfamiliar domains or IP addresses which is even more suspicious to consumers who can now see these connections.

Discover how to turn privacy into competitive advantage

  • Marketing and app development teams are often not in-synch on what these connections are doing and what information is being shared creating a brand trust issue with customers.
  • The results get more interesting and suspicious by app category. We’ll show you the apps with the most and least connections as you consider how your app compares.
  • Plus we’ll give you some tips on how to identify and remove these connections to help you turn privacy into a competitive advantage.

Download your free copy now and contact us for your free App Transparency Audit.

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