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What is URLgenius?
URLgenius is the cloud-based app deep linking platform designed for marketers, agencies or anyone that needs to create campaign links that open apps.
Can I create deep links for any app?
URLgenius supports any app on iOS or Android. Compose deep links to social apps including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger or e-commerce apps including Amazon, Walmart and many other types of apps. Contact us to have a certain app or even your own app added to the URLgenius platform at no charge.
Is there an anything to install?
URLgenius is a cloud-based solution and doesn't require any installation, SDK or technical development.
How much does URLgenius cost?
URLgenius is free up to 500 clicks then standard pricing is two cents per click. We also offer volume discounts. Contact us with any questions about pricing.
How does URLgenius work?
The URLgenius platform uses a patented app detection system combined with the URL schemes in your app.
What is a URL scheme?
A URL scheme is a prefix to the destination that allows the page or feature in the app to be opened by URLgenius. For example, the URL scheme for opening the home page of the Wamart app is "walmart://". Contact us with questions about URL schemes.
Do URLgenius links work from all web browsers?
Yes, URLgenius supports all browsers on iOS and Android including Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
Does URLgenius open apps from embedded browsers?
Yes, URLgenius links will open apps from embedded browsers including those found in Facebook, Instagram and other apps. You can also easily control the fallback destination for when the app is not installed.
What information does URLgenius track?
URLgenius tracks clicks, app-opens, device, platform, referring URL and geo when available.
Does URLgenius collect personally identifiable information (PII) or sell data to third parties?
No, URLgenius is a fully compliant non-PII platform. URLgenius does not profile devices or create pools of data for retargeting purposes. IP address is only used to combat fraud. Your data will never be shared or sold to a third party.
What's the difference between URLgenius, Apple's Universal Links and Google Firebase?
Universal Links and Firebase are technical solutions for app developers primarily to surface content in mobile search results and to enable deep linking. These links, however, will not always open the app. Exceptions include when the links are clicked within embedded browsers including those used by Facebook and Instagram. URLgenius is designed for agencies and marketers paid media, email and other channels. Many customers use a combination URLgenius and these technologies.
Does URLgenius require Apple Universal Links and Google Firebase?
No, Apple Universal Links and Google Firebase is not required. URLgenius the URL schemes which can be used in combination with Universal Links and App Indexing. This approach gives you maximum control over deep linking while also optimizing the visibility of your app content in mobile search results. You can use the URLgenius platform either before or after you implement Universal Links or Google Firebase for your app.
Is there any technical requirement for my app for iOS or Android?
The page or feature being linked to in your app for iOS or Android needs to have a URL scheme which is the prefix in the destination address. URLgenius deep links use the URL schemes in your app to open it to the right page or feature.
Can URLgenius links send visitors to the desktop and mobile sites as well as the app or the right app store all from the same link?
Yes, URLgenius links automatically sends visitors to the right destination depending on the device clicking the links. Marketers have device and link level control. Settings and destinations can be changed anytime even while links are in production.
Where does URLgenius send visitors when the app is not installed?
When the app is not installed, the visitor is sent to the mobile website or fallback destination which can be changed at anytime. The link can also be set to go to the app store for iOS or Android. Settings can be changed at any time even while the link is in production.
Can I use URLgenius links in display advertising, email, and paid search?
Yes, URLgenius links can be deployed in any marketing channel increase app engagement and downloads. Each link also comes with a QR code which can be downloaded and used in your offline marketing.
Can I use my current analytics and attribution solutions?
Yes, you can append UTM parameters to URLgenius links to pass attribution data to your app, web and channel analytics solutions all from the same link. Our goal is to help you get more from your current analytics investments.
Why do I see an "app or web" choice page sometimes?
The URLgenius choice page is a feature of the platform that lets your visitor choose between the app and the website. This is a setting for the link which can be changed at anytime. Contact us if you would like to turn the choice page on or off for one of your links.
My URLgenius links are not working as expected, what could be the problem?
The issue could be related to the URL scheme for the page you are trying to open in the app. Contact us for help.
Can I use my own brand domain for my URLgenius links?
You can use your own domain or subdomain to brand your links. You can trial this enterprise feature at no charge for 30 days. Click "Settings" from the menu for setup instructions.
Can I create an app download banner that supports iOS and Android?
Yes, we can provide you with the code to place on your website at no additional charge. URLgenius Smart Banners can help you increase app downloads by placing the banner on those web pages that have the best organic rankings.
Is there an API key that I can use to create links programmatically?
Yes, to gain access to your API key, simply enter your billing details then click "API Information".
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