Fat Kid Deals Multiplies Commissions by 300% with URLgenius Instant App Linking

FatFat Kid Deals Multiplies Commissions by 300% with URLgenius Instant App Linking Kid Deals is the popular deal site that has over 600K followers and growing. The company was founded as a hobby for a team that enjoyed finding and sharing the best deals on the internet.

When FKD discovered URLgenius, they were looking for a solution to remove app-to-app login friction from the shopping journey when sending shoppers from their social media channels to Amazon. The company needed a scaleable, enterprise solution from a verified Amazon partner that could quickly deliver app deep linking capability to all their current and future deals.

The FKD team chose URLgenius for it's simple yet powerful cloud-based approach to app linking. The results were immediate and the team immediately realized a 300% increase in commissions.

We sat down with the FKD team to learn more about their experience with URLgenius and to get their take on the affiliate deal business at this moment in time.

When did Fat Kid Deals (FKD) get its start as a community publisher and how did you come up with that unique name?

FKD: We started in 2015 as a Twitter page to find deals for our friends and families. We were hoping to make enough on the affiliate side to pay for our lunches and dinners while we were still working our other regular jobs. We came up with the name because we identified with the “Fat Kid” persona.

How is FKD different from other community publishers and how do you continue to stand out in what has become a very crowded field?

FKD: We are incredibly lucky to have the culture we have with our audience. We stay consistent and are also attuned with current events and what’s trending 24/7 so that we are a part of the conversation with our followers.

Fat Kid Deals Multiplies Commissions by 300% with URLgenius Instant App Linking

What is the key to successful customer engagement for affiliates and influencers?

The key is to make sure our content is relatable and we engage and banter with our audience as if they are our own personal friends and family.

Any advice for those reading this that are new to affiliate marketing?

The internet allows you to reach such a broad audience, so there’s a lot of avenues for people to be successful, especially in very niched markets. Our advice: don’t be afraid to branch out and figure out your own formula. Staying consistent is key.

When did you notice regular web URLs were sending your visitors to the Amazon web login from social media and did you view that as a problem at the time?

FKD: We knew it was a problem from the start, especially with social platforms keeping their users in the native apps and creating more steps in the customer journey.

Fat Kid Deals Multiplies Commissions by 300% with URLgenius Instant App Linking

When did you realize it was more than an inconvenience for shoppers and that you could earn more if the Amazon app opened from social media?

FKD: When we saw the results with URLgenius which was almost immediately.

How much is URLgenius increasing FKD commissions?

FKD: We've increased commissions by almost 3X through URLgenius!!

Fat Kid Deals Multiplies Commissions by 300% with URLgenius Instant App Linking

Wow that's incredible! You're using an advanced implementation for your URLgenius links which we call Instant App linking. Tell us about that experience. How has the URLgenius Instant App Linking prefix changed your operations in terms of promoting deals?

FKD: Our team has been using the Instant App Linking prefix on our socials for the past few months now, and wish we started using it earlier. We set up the prefix as a hotkey on our keyboards. This made it just one extra step for posting app links compared to what we were previously doing for regular web URLs. URLgenius makes it easy, and reliable, it was a win-win. The Instant App Linking prefix allows us to easily scale and extend the URLgenius experience (which we first implemented on Instagram) to the rest of our social networks that we're active on.

Setting up a hotkey - that's brilliant! Apart from earning more commissions what else do you like about the URLgenius platform itself?

FKD: It’s super user friendly. We also really like being able to analyze our link click data in URLgenius as well as having the ability to tag our links to organize them for easier reporting on our end.

Which other reports in your URLgenius dashboard do you look at and find most useful?

FKD: We love the Insights report! We’ve done a lot of tests to understand and analyze the best way our customers are shopping with us through various platforms and formats.

Fat Kid Deals Multiplies Commissions by 300% with URLgenius Instant App Linking

Does the FKD team recommend URLgenius to other influencers large and small?

FKD: Absolutely – URLgenius is a game-changer! If tripling your commissions isn’t a good reason why, we don’t know what is!

Thanks very much for sharing your story! We're so happy to be part of that success and we wish the everyone at FKD all the best going forward!

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