How to Generate Custom Mobile App URLs for Amazon Affiliates and Sellers Using Your Brand's Domain to Open the App

Whether How to Generate Amazon Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand you’re an Amazon seller, affiliate, or influencer, an important part of increasing your Amazon sales is making sure that you link to the Amazon app from every 'off-site' marketing channel. That means your website, social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.), paid search campaigns, emails, SMS text messages, websites, and even QR codes. You name it!

Makes sense right? It’s a basic numbers game—maximizing exposure across all possible channels equals maximizing sales and remarketing opportunities. To make that shopping journey to the Amazon app a branded experience, you can create a custom mobile app URL for Amazon Affiliates with your brand's domain that will open the Amazon app to the right storefront or product screen while falling back to the Amazon website if the app is not installed. We'll show you how in a moment and why it's important increasing sales.

First, let's consider the Amazon app and website in relation to off-site campaigns and branding your links.

Check out this brief video about branded app links for marketplaces.

How to Set Up a Custom URL for Amazon Storefront and Product With Brand Domain

Now,How to Generate Amazon Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand we're emphasizing the Amazon app because most Amazon shoppers around the world prefer shopping on it as opposed to the website on their phone's browser (no surprise there!). So your links to Amazon should always open the app if it's installed. Let's face it, many of us don't remember our password because the Amazon app is always logged in.

But if you've read some of our other blog posts, you already know that regular Amazon links usually send shoppers to the web login page, even if the app is already installed. This hurts sales, remarketing opportunities, and even your product rankings.

How to Generate Amazon Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand

This is called the 'walled garden'. It's no fault of Amazon, but rather an industry-wide challenge, and it's important to fix this issue in order to maximize conversion and fill your remarketing funnel. If you use another platform to simply brand the regular Amazon links for your shop, store, or products, and use those in your off-site campaigns, you're still sending traffic to the Amazon web login. That's why it's important to always use URLgenius special Amazon app URLs when branding your Amazon links.

Learn more about what we mean when we talk about mobile app deep linking in this informational YouTube video!

You can use URLgenius to update your Amazon links into Amazon Associates mobile app URLs that open the app instantly because there's nothing to install, and using the branded link feature is easy to enable (step-by-step below). Remember, not only will your branded URLgenius links for Amazon increase sales by opening the app but anyone wjp does not buy in that click session goes into your remarketing funnel. To measure the success of your campaigns, simply include your Amazon Associate tags on your links or your Amazon Attribution tags if you're a seller.

If you haven't yet, learn more about how to link to the Amazon app from Facebook, to Amazon from Instagram ads, or how to create an Amazon QR code that opens the app to a store or a specific product.

How to Generate Amazon Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand

Now, back to branding your Amazon links!

Apart from making sure your Amazon affiliate links open in the app, another way to ensure your off-site Amazon marketing strategy lives up to its full potential is by branding your Amazon links (i.e. your URLgenius links for Amazon). It's ok to use the URLgenius domain, but you'll get a better click-through rate if you use your brand's domain because your audience may not be familiar with URLgenius. For example, if I'm an influencer or an Amazon seller I wanted to promote this product link:

I would just enter that link into the URLgenius homepage to compose an Amazon Associates mobile app URL, which would look something like this—and notice we customized the end to align with this particular campaign:

If you used your brand's domain for the same link it would look like this instead:

Just follow these step-by-step instructions to brand your Amazon links. IF you're still not convinced this is worth your time, check out this video testimonial from an Amazon influencer that saw a 3oo% increase in sales and commissions!

Step-by-Step: How to Brand Amazon Affiliate Mobile App URLs That Open the Amazon App

If you don't have a URLgenius account yet simply sign up. You can try updating your Amazon mobile app URL by entering a link in the box on the home page. You can create links before or after you turn the branding feature on. Once your branded domain is turned on, all the links in your account will use your domain (the URLgenius format will also still work).

Steps for Your Web Team or Hosting Provider

There is one more step that your web team or website hosting provider needs to do, and that is called setting up a CName Record and pointing the word for your subdomain to URLgenius. This only takes a minute and they'll know what you're talking about. Just send them these steps:

Once that's in place we'll check it and turn on your domain to brand your links

2x-4x Higher Sales with Branded URLgenius App DeepLinks for Amazon

Now you might be wondering, “What difference would a branded link make, anyway?”

Sure, fair question. Well, think about it this way: Do you sometimes hesitate if you see a domain that's unfamiliar to you? If you as a customer click on an Amazon link behind a social ad, would you think twice if you saw a strange domain? Increasing trust, however, is not the only reason to generate a branded Amazon link to open the app. It's all about profit and conversion!

Let's just look at the basic math.

Amazon sellers, influencers, and associates are seeing anywhere from 2x-4x higher sales when using branded URLgenius links for Amazon. Check out this URLgenius case study written by a customer or this case study about a direct-to-consumer manufacturer.

When using your own brand’s domain name, you inspire credibility and trust in your links, which improves the click-through rate (which will thus improve sales, remarketing opportunities, and so on and so forth). This ultimately creates a seamless self-reinforcing system, with the Amazon app regardless of the off-site channel. (And just to iterate—if the customer at hand does not happen to have the Amazon app installed on their smartphone, they’ll be taken to the Amazon website, instead.)

Learn more about how using URLgenius affiliate mobile app URLs on your social media posts will skyrocket your sales and commissions:

Youtube Video

Additionally, let’s say that your domain has been experiencing SEO success—did you know that using your unique, branded link will help you leverage that success even further? It’s true. By using your brand's domain, you are leveraging your domain’s authority when running search and social ads.

Oh, and a word of caution—not all branded link generator platforms are equal. In fact, you'll be happy to know that URLgenius has state-of-the-art, patented technology, and is the only verified Amazon Partner that can link to open the Amazon app from 'off-site' campaigns while passing attribution tags (sellers or associates).

So beware of low-cost or free app-deep linking solution providers or “alternatives to URLgenius” which we dare is a very bold claim indeed!).

The Preferred App Deep Linking Platform for Amazon Sellers, Influencers, and Associates

If your Amazon sales need a boost and you're thinking about 'off-site' campaigns to increase sales, we're here to help. We can get your links set up the same day that you sign up for the platform. URL branding can also be in place the same day so that you can start your campaigns immediately.

We are always here to help you with your Amazon campaigns! Contact us with questions at about Amazon app deep linking.

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