Influencer Q&A: Lovely Lucky Life Instantly Doubles Commissions With App Deep Links

When AmazonInfluencer Q&A: Lovely Lucky Life Instantly Doubles Commissions With App Deep Links influencer Val at Lucky Life Blog started using URLgenius links she was skeptical at first but that changed quick when she instantly saw a big increase in conversion and commissions! Val is a power user of Instagram stories and as a mom, finding and sharing great products and great deals is second nature. Her loyal fans and followers are always tuned in to her next recommendation!

At the time of this post, Val had almost 135K followers on Instagram and other social media platforms (wow!) and that fanbase is growing fast! Val and her team at Lucky Life Blog started using URLgenius in April 2023 and saw great results almost immediately in the Amazon Associates reporting dashboard. In fact her commissions doubled!

We sat down with Val and asked her to reflect on what's it's like to be an influencer today and to learn how URLgenius quickly became a 'must-have' for Amazon promotion strategy on social media.

Amazon Influencer Q&A

When did get your start as an influencer?

Val: I’ve been working in the influencer industry for almost 10 years! First on the brand side, then on my own. I’ve been working full-time for over 7 years now.

Influencer Q&A: Lovely Lucky Life Instantly Doubles Commissions With App Deep Links

What do you love about being an Amazon influencer?

Val: Amazon makes my life easier as a mom, and it’s a natural, organic extension of how we live as a family of 6. Amazon has always been a good partner for influencers, and I personally appreciate their influencer team, support, and bonus content programs.

Before using URLgenius, did you view being sent to the web login as a problem?

Val: Yes! As a busy mom, I never want to log into anything or remember a password - I want to order something right then and there; otherwise, I’ll either forget or it will turn into a shopping debate in my head.

Influencer Q&A: Lovely Lucky Life Instantly Doubles Commissions With App Deep Links

When did you realize that URLgenius would help you increase conversions from social media?

Val: Friends of mine in the influencer space were having a lot of success so I had to see if it would make an impact for me as well.

How much has URLgenius increased your commissions?

Val: It’s very clear that my commissions AND conversion rate increased when I started using URLgenius. My average commission rate increased 66% from the previous period and increased 52% from the same period last year. All without any ‘viral posts’ or a massive jump in the audience.

Influencer Q&A: Lovely Lucky Life Instantly Doubles Commissions With App Deep Links

Amazing! Did you have any other 'eureka' moments using URLgenius?

Val: The affiliate link piece is the biggest win, but URLgenius is also great for cross-promoting your accounts across different apps; for instance, a slide on Instagram promoting my Pinterest would have previously required a login but with URLgenius, the Pinterest app opens (logged in!) and the user is able to easily follow. Reducing friction journey in any way is a win in my book!

How would you characterize the influencer business today; any advice for new influencers?

Val: The industry is so different than when I started, but TikTok and the rise of short-form videos that are shot on a smartphone really made creating content much easier and more accessible to so many people. Advice (that I haven’t necessarily followed to a T at all times!):

Tell us about the audience that follows you and why they like your product recommendations.

Val: My community thinks of me as a friend, and they LOVE my Amazon finds!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Val: It’s different every day! My primary platform is Instagram (more specifically, stories!) so I’m constantly sourcing items to highlight there that will be helpful, are a great deal, and/or are really cute, preferably a mix of all three! From there, a lot of multitasking and delegation to get from seeing, “Oh, our favorite water bottle is on sale!” to actually publishing the Instagram slide.

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Apart from earning more commissions, what else do you like about the URLgenius platform?

Val: I like that I can easily and quickly search my links to find something, versus trying to recreate the affiliate link every time. Because I can customize the backend of the URL with whatever keyword(s) I want, it’s fairly easy for me or my team to find the link for what we need, which saves time!

In URLgenius reporting, what do you find most interesting and useful?

Val: I mostly use Amazon Associate reporting, but with URLgenius I love seeing the top 20 cities people are clicking from and the most popular links!

Would you recommend URLgenius to other influencers?

Val: 100% I would recommend URLgenius to Amazon Associates and I would recommend making it a significant part of your business! I was skeptical that my numbers would increase, but they doubled—can’t say no to that!

Val, thanks so much for sharing your story! I think we're the lucky ones for having such great customers!

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