How to Generate YouTube Mobile App URLs for Amazon Affiliates and Sellers

YouTubeHow to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions is an effective tool for Amazon sellers, affiliates, and influencers to promote their products, generate reviews, and increase traffic to Amazon listings. With that being said, there isn’t always a guarantee that the Amazon links from your YouTube ads and content will translate to sales and commissions. In fact, a major hurdle for conversion rates lies in the fact that those Amazon links won’t even send customers to the app—they’ll instead be stuck in YouTube’s embedded browser and required to log into their Amazon account to make a purchase.

Check out this step-by-step video: How to generate mobile app URLs to open the Amazon app from YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to increase Amazon Sales and Affiliate Commissions.

Why does this matter? Well, this phenomenon that is also known as the “walled garden” effect, prevents the seamless transition from YouTube ad to Amazon app, and is statistically shown to slow down users enough to the point of abandoning your link to find the product on their own.How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

Picture this: an Amazon influencer is promoting a pair of shoes that you’re interested in via a YouTube video that has been featured on your YouTube home page because the algorithm has deemed it relevant to you and your shopping habits.

Awesome! You tap on the video, and yup— you’re impressed and ready to purchase a pair of these amazing shoes. They’re being sold on Amazon, and the link is in the video description as indicated by the influencer. You tap on the Amazon link and you’re sent to— oh no. You’ve been sent to the Amazon login page.

How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

Shoot. What’s my Amazon password again? Is it click clack this? No. Okay, how about clickity clack? Dang! No. Ugh never mind, I’ll figure it out later.

See how you abandoned your shopping journey so quickly? That’s exactly what happens when customers hit that walled garden. And ultimately, your conversion rates take a major hit.

In fact, there are three ways the walled garden hurts your Amazon sales.

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3 Ways the Walled Garden Hurts Your Sales

1. Lower conversion: Losing the sale from anyone that wanted to buy your product at that moment or even if your shopper jumped over to the Amazon app themselves and try to find your product your campaign would not get credit.

2. Lower funnel contribution: Let's say someone did click and hit the login button and decided but were not intending to buy just yet. Oh well, no loss right? Wrong. If the linkhad opened the app to the right screen your Amazon Attribution measurement tags would be passed anyway, Amazon could have put that shopper in your marketing funnel to target later. Amazon reporting measures how many people viewed certain products or number of times certain products were added to their shopping cart but when the app doesn't open you you lose all that engagement data and funnel contribution.

3. Lower product rankings: Hitting the Amazon web login also decrease your sales velocity and engagement. This is not viewed favorably by the Amazon algorithm, so your product rankings will ultimately be suppressed!

It's a triple whammy! The good news is that URLgenius has the solution for you.

Boost YouTube Amazon Advertising With Mobile App URLs and Watch Revenue Increase

So, how do you securely jump over that walled garden with a link that takes you from the Amazon ad on YouTube to the correct screen in the Amazon app?

You simply need to add some additional app deep linking functionality to the Amazon link by updating it with URLgenius, and you can include your Amazon Attribution or Amazon Associate measurement tags.

With URLgenius, you're given a simple process to generate YouTube mobile app URLs for Amazon affiliates and sellers, URLs with just the deep linking capabilities to take users from app to app!

How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

Amazon sellers, affiliates, and influencers are seeing 2x, 3x, and even 4x increases in sales with their refurbished Amazon ads on YouTube. Not only will you see an immediate spike in revenue, but anyone who clicks on your YouTube to Amazon mobile app links and doesn't purchase in that session is automatically added to your Amazon funnel for remarketing. This boost in 'off-Amazon' sales velocity will also increase your product rankings!

Pro tip: Use your brand's domain for your URLgenius deep links for Amazon. When linking YouTube ads directly to the Amazon app using your brand's domain, it allows you to extend your brand to the app deep link when sending your customers from app-to-app creating higher click confidence.

Beyond that, do you know what the best part is? There is no SDK or any technical resources involved (one less thing your technical team needs to worrry about!). Here's how to quickly create a mobile app URL for your YouTube Amazon ad campaign.

Step-By-Step: How to Generate YouTube Ad Mobile App URLs for Amazon Affiliates and Sellers

The beauty of the URLgenius deep linking platform is how easy we make it for you— the seller, affiliate, influencer, or content producer (anyone!) to create app deep links to marketplaces to place in any marketing channel or campaign. Direct your audience to exactly where you want them to be in the app for iOS or Android depending on the device clicking— in this case, your brand's store or product in the Amazon app.

How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

URLgenius is the only verified Amazon Ads partner that can pass Amazon Attribution measurement tags without SDKs. Follow these steps and update your campaign links today.

Pro tip: These are the steps to create a single link. If you need to create links programmatically for an advertising data feed, URLgenius offers access to an API.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to navigate to the Amazon page and copy the link from the address bar of your browser.

  2. You only need the core links— you can remove any navigation tags that may have been added as you searched for the right Amazon link to make sure they don't interfere with opening the app.

    How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

  3. Paste the link into the box provided on the URLgenius home page. When pasting the link, notice the Amazon icon is highlighted— this tells you that URLgenius understands the link you entered.

  4. You can customize the end of the link to match your campaign to make it easy to find later. If not needed, just use the pre-populated random characters.

  5. Click the “Compose” which takes you to the settings page for your Amazon app deep link, where you can copy and place it into your Instagram ad.

  6. To test the behavior of the link, scan the QR code or email it.

    How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

Notice that there are advanced features on the settings page— this is also where you can see clicks and the number of app-opens. You can also enable Amazon Attribution tags on the link so you can measure how much revenue is being driven by your YouTube campaign and your URLgenius app deep link.

Measurement pro tip for Amazon sellers: If you are already enrolled in the Amazon Attribution program, you can authenticate your Amazon account in the settings for your URLgenius account. Once you do that, URLgenius can automatically append Amazon Attribution measurement tags when you create your deep link. Currently, this feature is supported for store and product details pages. For other types of pages, create your Amazon link in the Amazon Ads console and include the measurement tags when you create your URLgenius link. Then in the Amazon Ads console you can see the results attributed to that URLgenius link!

Measurement pro tip for Amazon Associates and Influencers: Amazon provides a link generator for Amazon Associates that lets them update links and append their affiliate tags which enable tracking for commissions. Generate your affiliate link in the Amazon affiliate system then update that link with URLgenius. You do not need to include navigational tags or search tags. Check out this URLgenius case study where the Affiliate tripled sales compared to regular Amazon product links. Always use URLgenius when promoting affiliate links in non-Amazon channels.

Contact us if you need help setting up your Amazon links.

QR Codes for the Amazon App

Doing a multi-channel campaign in coordination with your Instagram ad? Lucky for you, every URLgenius app deep link also has a corresponding QR code.

Create a branded app deep link and custom QR code to use online or offline to promote your Amazon store and product listings. Use them in posters, retail displays, tradeshows, and giveaway promotions. Just click on 'QR Settings' to find and download your code.

How to Generate Mobile App URLs to Open the Amazon App Directly from YouTube to Increase Sales and Commissions

URLgenius will track scans and clicks separately and you can append tags for tracking in ways that won't disrupt scanning (including too many tags and appending them the wrong way is a common 'QR code fail!'). Make sure to contact us for expert QR code guidance. We can even create an unlimited number of personalized QR codes and send them directly to your printer!

4 Steps to Set Up Your YouTube Amazon Advertising Campaign

YouTube’s advanced targeting options, including demographics, interests, and behaviors, allow you to reach your ideal audience. This precision targeting ensures that your ads are seen by users most likely to be interested in your products.

1. Create a Compelling YouTube Amazon Video Ad

2. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

3. Leverage YouTube Ads

4. Integrate Amazon Links

URLgenius is the Deep Link to YouTube Amazon Advertising Success for Sellers and Affiliates

Generating YouTube mobile app URLs is a simple yet powerful strategy for Amazon affiliates and sellers looking to optimize their digital marketing efforts. By enhancing the user experience, increasing engagement and conversion rates, and leveraging mobile trends, you can drive more traffic and sales through your YouTube content.

We are always here to help you with your campaigns! Contact us with questions at about Amazon marketing and deep links.

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