Influencer Q&A: Sweet Deal Canada Increases Amazon Commissions By 300% with App Deep Linking

AmazonInfluencer Q&A: Sweet Deal Canada Increases Amazon Commissions By 300% with App Deep Linking influencer Sweet Deal Canada is seeing a pretty sweet increase in commissions using URLgenius links in social media promotions! This influencer finds the best deals on Amazon Canada and shares them with a loyal following across their social media channels.

At the time of this post, Sweet Deal Canada had over 40K followers on Instagram and other social media platforms (and growing!) so this influencer is one to watch! Sweet Deal Canada started using URLgenius in April 2023 and immediately saw a dramatic uptick in earnings.

We sat down with Sweet Deal Canada to get their perspective on what it's like to be an influencer and how URLgenius is now a key part of their social media strategy for Amazon.

When did you decide to become an influencer and how did you begin?

Sweet Deal Canada: I started casually in October 2020, just sharing some of my favorite finds here and there. My account started to grow, and it became a full-time job about a year later.

Influencer Q&A: Sweet Deal Canada Increases Amazon Commissions By 300% with App Deep Linking

What do you love about being an Amazon influencer?

Sweet Deal Canada: The ability to share things that I’m buying/using anyway and then monetize them. The commission structure is pretty good, and sometimes there are opportunities for increased commissions or bonuses. Opportunities to work with Amazon outside of sharing affiliate links.

Before using URLgenius, did you notice regular links sent app shoppers to the website login?

Sweet Deal Canada: Sometimes. I know I found it irritating when I had to log in after clicking someone’s link.

Influencer Q&A: Sweet Deal Canada Increases Amazon Commissions By 300% with App Deep Linking

When did you realize that URLgenius would help you increase conversions from social media?

Sweet Deal Canada: A few days into using URLgenius. I started seeing way more pages of orders on Amazon than before using it.

How much has URLgenius increased your commissions?

Sweet Deal Canada: URLgenius increased my commissions by 300%!

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WOW! Did you have any other 'eureka' moments using URLgenius?

Sweet Deal Canada: I polled my audience, and almost all respondents said that they prefer when the link opens the app.

Influencer Q&A: Sweet Deal Canada Increases Amazon Commissions By 300% with App Deep Linking

How would you characterize the influencer business today; any advice for new influencers?

Sweet Deal Canada: It’s a new way that people are making money. It’s also the new way that people and brands are advertising their products. The advice I would give to someone wanting to give it a try is to be ready to work hard and long, especially at the beginning. You have to be consistent while always evolving to keep up with changes and with so many influencers out there, you have to give people a reason to want to follow you, engage with you, buy from you, etc.

Tell us about the audience that follows you and why they like your product recommendations.

Sweet Deal Canada: Mostly Canadians, the majority are women. I’ve grown my following slowly and steadily, and many have been following for years. I share products that I personally use and products that I think people will like. Typically, I share sales, promotions, and deals. I always check if it’s a good price/the best price out there, and there is a lot of trust from my audience.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Sweet Deal Canada: Wake up, check some analytics, and see if any emails need responding to immediately. Mom mode until the kids are in school. Then I research sales, create graphics for some story sets, and create and share links. I usually try and capture some IRL photos for stories, LTK, Amazon storefront, etc. Some days I will capture some video content for reels as well. Back to Mom mode and then some more work (whether that’s responding to comments, DMs, emails, browsing Amazon, or sharing any deals that I like).

Do you engage with your audience a lot?

I don’t engage face-to-face in my stories, but I do “talk” to my audience daily by responding to comments on social media, DMs, emails, etc.

Apart from earning more commissions, what else do you like about the URLgenius platform?

Sweet Deal Canada: It's easy to use, and I can see analytics. The response time is awesome if there are any issues or questions!

Which reports do you find most interesting and useful?

Sweet Deal Canada: I like that URLgenius reporting shows me how many times the app opened and from approximately which city.

Would you recommend URLgenius to other influencers?

Sweet Deal Canada:
Absolutely - Yes!

After all, what's not to like about a 300% increase in commissions?! Thanks for participating Sweet Deal Canada teamvery insightful!

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