How to Generate Walmart Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand's Domain to Open the App

AreHow to Generate Walmart Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand you a Walmart seller, affiliate, or influencer seeking to boost your Walmart sales? It's crucial to strategically link to the Walmart app from every 'off-site' marketing channel, including your website, social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok), paid search campaigns, emails, SMS text messages, websites, and even QR codes. This comprehensive approach maximizes conversion by avoiding website logins. Linking to the app also leads to increased sales of complimentary products and remarketing opportunities.

Picture this as a basic numbers game: by optimizing Walmart app engagement across all possible channels, you significantly enhance your chances of success. To turn the shopping journey into a branded experience, consider creating a specialized mobile app URL for Walmart affiliates that incorporates your brand's domain. This personalized touch ensures that the Walmart app opens to the desired shop, store, or product screen, seamlessly falling back to the Walmart website if the app is not installed. The steps to achieve this will be detailed shortly.

Now, let's delve into the nuances of linking to the Walmart app vs. website from off-site campaigns and the branding of your links. For an illustrative guide, check out a brief video on the subject of branded app links for marketplaces.

Branded Mobile App URLs for Walmart Affiliates and the Walled Garden

WhyHow to Generate Walmart Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand the emphasis on the Walmart app? Well, the majority of Walmart shoppers globally prefer the app over the website when using their phone's browser–a fact that surprises no one! Therefore, any links directing users to Walmart should ideally open the app if it's already installed. Let's face it, many of us don't bother remembering our passwords because the Walmart app keeps us perpetually logged in.

However, as highlighted in some of our previous blog posts about other retailers, regular links for Walmart also typically redirect shoppers to the web login page, even if the app is already installed. This practice negatively impacts sales, remarketing opportunities, and even your product rankings. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the 'walled garden.' It's not a fault on Walmart's part but rather an industry-wide challenge that demands attention to maximize conversion and fill your remarketing funnel.

How to Generate Walmart Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand

A common workaround is using another platform to brand regular Walmart links for your shop, store, or products and incorporating them into your off-site campaigns. However, this approach still directs traffic to the Walmart web login, underscoring the importance of employing URLgenius's special Walmart app URLs when branding your Walmart links.

With URLgenius, updating your Walmart links to ensure they open the app is a breeze. There's no need for installation, and enabling the branded link feature is a straightforward process (step-by-step instructions are provided below). Remember, these branded URLgenius links not only boost sales by opening the app but also capture users who don't make a purchase in that click session, funneling them into your remarketing efforts.

How to Generate Walmart Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand

Now, let's circle back to the core of the matter–branding your Walmart links!

Beyond ensuring your links open the Walmart app, another vital aspect of optimizing your off-site Walmart marketing strategy is branding your Walmart links, specifically using URLgenius links for Walmart. While using the URLgenius domain is acceptable, employing your brand's domain can yield a higher click-through rate. For instance, if you were an influencer or a Walmart seller looking to promote a product link like:

Original Link:

URLgenius Link:

Branded Link:

Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to brand your Walmart links. If you're still unsure about the impact, watch a video testimonial from an Amazon influencer who experienced a 300% increase in sales and commissions!

Step-by-Step: How to Brand Walmart Affiliate Mobile App URLs That Open the Walmart App

If you don't have a URLgenius account yet, sign up and explore updating your Walmart mobile app URL by entering a link on the homepage. You can create links before or after activating the branding feature. Once your branded domain is enabled, all links in your account will utilize your domain (the URLgenius format will still work).

Steps for Your Web Team or Hosting Provider

There's one additional step that your web team or hosting provider needs to take, involving setting up a CName Record and pointing the word for your subdomain to URLgenius. This typically takes just a minute, and your team will be familiar with the process. Provide them with the following instructions:

Once this step is in place, URLgenius will verify it and activate your domain for branding your links.

2x-4x Higher Sales with Branded URLgenius App DeepLinks

Now, you might wonder, 'How does a branded link make a difference?' It's a fair question. Consider this–do you sometimes hesitate when you encounter an unfamiliar domain? If, as a customer, you click on a Walmart link behind a social ad, would you think twice if you saw a strange domain? Building trust is not the only reason for generating a branded Walmart link to open the app–it's about profit and conversion!

Let's break down the basic math. Walmart sellers, influencers, and associates report 2x-4x higher sales when using branded URLgenius links for Walmart. Refer to a URLgenius case study written by a customer or explore a case study about a direct-to-consumer manufacturer for more insights.

Learn more about how using URLgenius affiliate mobile app URLs on your social media posts will skyrocket your sales and commissions:

Youtube Video

By using your brand's domain, you instill credibility and trust in your links, boosting the click-through rate. This, in turn, improves sales, remarketing opportunities, and creates a seamless, self-reinforcing system with the Walmart app, regardless of the off-site channel. Importantly, if the customer doesn't have the Walmart app installed, they will be directed to the Walmart website.

Additionally, consider the SEO aspect. If your domain has achieved SEO success, using a unique, branded link enhances your ability to leverage that success. It's not just about creating a link; it's about utilizing your domain's authority when running search and social ads.

A word of caution–not all branded link generator platforms are equal. URLgenius stands out with state-of-the-art, patented technology and is the only verified Walmart Partner that can link to open the Walmart app from 'off-site' campaigns while passing attribution tags for sellers or associates.

Exercise caution with low-cost or free app-deep linking solution providers or those claiming to be 'alternatives to URLgenius.' Such claims should be approached with skepticism.

The Preferred App Deep Linking Platform for Walmart Sellers, Influencers, and Associates

URLgenius is the preferred app deep linking platform for Walmart sellers, influencers, and associates. If your Walmart sales need a boost, and you're contemplating 'off-site' campaigns, we're here to assist. Your links can be set up on the same day you sign up for the platform, and URL branding can also be implemented promptly, allowing you to kickstart your campaigns without delay.

We are committed to supporting you with your Walmart campaigns. Contact us with any questions at regarding Walmart app deep linking. Elevate your Walmart sales strategy today!

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