Case Study: Instagram App Deep Linking

Rent Rent the Runway and URLgenius Deep Linkingthe Runway describes itself as the “fashion company with a technology soul”. A draw at retail tradeshows, the company's executives often speak about cutting edge marketing strategies that are paving the way for a new type of e-commerce. The company reinvented the luxury consumer experience for apparel by creating a completely new market for designer clothes based on the concept of temporary access. Described by the New York Times as the “Netflix for Fashion”, the company’s innovative business model has redefined what ownership and retailing means while bulding a loyal following across the U.S.

Instagram Deep Linking with URLgenius to Avoid Mobile Website LoginsIs that Instagram Mobile Website Login Suppressing Social Engagement?
Social media is an important part of Rent the Runway's strategy for growth. Pictures of the company's available fashions help inspire customers and prospects during mobile moments throughout the day and have helped the company grow an engaged audience on Instagram.

To increase followers, the company includes the Instagram icon in its email marketing which links to the Rent the Runway Instagram profile. The link was getting clicks but not the level of engagement or followers expected. A savvy marketing manager tested the link from a mobile device and noticed that despite having the Instagram app installed on her mobile device, the link was leading to the Instagram mobile website. At that point, when trying to follow Rent the Runway or like an image, the login screen for the Instagram mobile website would appear.

The Solution: URLgenius Deep Linking for Instagram
The marketing manager experienced the frustration of mobile website logins herself on different sites as a shopper and knew that most consumers abandon web login screens. A high abandon rate at the Instagram mobile web login would lead to lost followers, engagement and ultimately revenue. A quick and easy way to update the Rent the Runway Instagram profile link was needed so it could detect and open the Instagram app for iOS and Android.

Instagram Deep Linking Solution Requirements
The marketing manager discovered that mobile app deep linking was the solution to the problem. Deep linking typically means linking to a web page beyond the homepage but it also means the ability for a marketing link to detect and open a mobile app. In this particular case, the link in question was the Rent the Runway Instagram profile and the app was Instagram mobile app for iOs and Android.

The solution needed to be easy-to-use, require minimal technical resources and allow for immediate implementation. For maximum reach, it also had to support all browser and device configurations across iOS and Android. URLgenius met all of these requirements.

”The URLgenius platform easily removes the mobile website login barrier for Instagram and other social platforms. What we like best is how easy it is to use. It empowers marketing teams to bridge the gap between social websites and social apps.”– Marketing Manager, Rent the Runway

URLgenius Instagram Deep Linking Results
The results were immediate. URLgenius has opened the Rent the Runway Instagram profile in the apps for iOS and Android tens of thousands of times while avoiding the mobile website login. Not only did Rent the Runway see a dramatic increase in followers after each email send, they also saw a significant increase in Instagram engagement from current followers.

Inspired by the Instagram solution, Rent the Runway is now using the URLgenius to drive downloads and engagement for the RTR app for iOS.

Step-by-Step: URLgenius Instagram Deep Linking

Best Practice: update all of your social profile links using similar steps.

Where to use your URLgenius Instagram deep link:

Best Practice: append your web or channel analytics UTM parameters for tracking (Google Analytics, Omniture, Kenshoo etc.)

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Instagram
You can login to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to understand how often your link is opening the Instagram app.

Make sure to update your profile links in the same way for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, Telegram and even Amazon and other shopping apps. We can even add your brand app to the URLgenius platform!

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