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Facebook Messenger App Deep Linking with URLgenius The Rise of Facebook Messenger and How Deep Linking to Your Brand Profile Increases Followers

In the summer of 2016, Facebook released some stunning success metrics for its Messenger app. Monthly active users (MAUs) reached 1 billion and over 17 billion photos are now sent through the messaging service each month. It took Facebook four years to reach that milestone after releasing Messenger as a seperate app from Facebook. WhatsApp, another messaging app which Facebook acquired in 2014, took seven years to reach 1 billion MAUs.

Advertisers are now jumping on the Messenger app bandwagon. Messenger can serve as a broadcast and conversational vehicle to update consumers on your latest campaigns, products and promotions. Tools lie URLgenius help you get started by letting you create a link to your brand's Messenger profile which you can use to track app opens across iOS, Android, referring URL and geography. Linking to your Messenger profile from multi-channel campaigns is an easy way to increase followers while helping you understand your most engaged consumers.

Step-by-Step: Deep Linking to Messenger Usernames

URLgenius users can create deep links to Facebook Messenger usernames by following these simple steps:

URLgenius Deep Linking to Facebook Messenger App for iOS and AndroidWhere to use your URLgenius Facebook Messenger link:

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Facebook Messenger

You can login to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to understand how much engagement with Messenger you are driving.

Make sure to update your profile links in the same way for Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and even Amazon and other shopping apps. We can even add your brand app to the URLgenius platform!

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