How to Generate Telegram Deep Links and App QR Codes

Deep Linking Telegram and Tracking App OpensTelegram Growth and Why Deep Linking is Important

The fast changing competitive landscape for messaging apps is currently dominated by Messenger and WhatsApp which are both Facebook services. Telegram, however, is quickly making gains globally. The company’s CEO and Founder, Duval Durov, revealed in February of 2016 that that its monthly active users (MAUs) have exceeded 100 million and growing fast.

That breaks down to about 38 million users who joined the service since May 2015. Over 350,000 new users sign in to the app every day sending over 15 billion messages daily, an increase of 25 percent over the 12 billion registered in September 2015. Forward thinking marketers are using telegram channels to communicate brand messaging to target audiences. Deeplinking to your Telegram channel or username with tools like URLgenius from different marketing channels can help you get more followers faster.

Deep Linking to Telegram Usernames and ChannelTelegram Channels vs. Usernames

After you signup for Telegram, consider the name for your Telegram channel. A username is related to the person's mobile device that setup the Telegram account. A channel is how people can follow your brand on telegram. From the main menu in Telegram select 'New Channel'. If someone is squatting on your brand name, simply appeal to Telegram to have it transferred to you.

Once your channel is created, solutions like URLgenius let users generate links to your channel that can detect and open the Telegram mobile app. You can use these links in your emails and on your website as a way for your audience to follow your brand on Telegram. In addition, URLgenius will track Telegram app opens across iOS and Android as well as geography and referring URL. One you start promoting your Telegram link, the app-open rate for your link will tell you what percentage of your audience currently has the Telegram app installed. Its also an easy way to postion your brand as forward thinking in the way it communicates with customers.

Step-by-Step: Generate a Deep Link to Telegram

Deep Linking to Telegram Channels and UsernamesHow to use your Telegram deep links:

App Deep Linking Analytics for Telegram

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