Influencers Rightly Demand Enterprise Grade Uptime and Scalability When Deep Linking Into Apps from Social Media

TheInfluencers Rightly Demand Enterprise Grade Uptime When Deep Linking Into Apps from Social Media $$$ has settled and another Amazon Prime Day is in the record books! What's clear is that influencers and affiliates have never had more sway over product discovery and sales heading into the holidays. We hear from our influencers every single day that they are exponentially increasing sales and commissions for the brands and products they love and promote.

With all this success also comes intense pressure on the tools and platforms that influencers use to run their business. This pressure to scale is especially acute on days like Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The URLgenius platform experienced zero downtime even while our click traffic dramatically spiked this week. The URLgenius link composer was also lightning fast even as the platform broke records for traffic, concurrent users and new signups.

Other platforms buckled under the pressure.

Influencers Rightly Demand Enterprise Grade Uptime When Deep Linking Into Apps from Social Media

Influencers are rightly demanding enterprise grade uptime for app deep linking because there's a real, measurable opportunity cost when shoppers can't reach a product, brand or storefront due to a broken link. Time is money and there's no time to waste during promotional windows like Prime Day and other sales events.

The moment things go awry, panic sets in among affiliates (and among brands working with influencers) when they realize they've chosen the wrong solution or went with a cheaper 'good enough' imitation to save money in the short term.

Enterprise grade uptime is not a new concept in the advertising or affiliate marketing industry. Premium networks and platforms, URLgenius included, have always prided themselves on their service level agreements and that enterprise grade reliability is reflected in their pricing structures.

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What's different today is an intense spotlight on the consumer journey at the point where consumers click from social media apps into their favorite e-commerce apps like Amazon. When that connection is broken, influencers lose money. Many influencers today are also new to the industry and may not realize that choosing an app deep linking platform with questionable uptime can negatively impact their profitability and livelihood.

URLgenius is your rock-solid enterprise bridge between social media and ecommerce apps that can securely and instantly pass your affiliate tags over the cloud into the app so you get credit for every click and every sale.

Congrats to all of our influencers, sellers, and customers on a fantastic, record setting Amazon Prime Big Deal Days! Now onward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday - URLgenius is ready!

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