How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

Have you ever had the experience as a customer where you saw an advertisement and wished to learn more about the product or service— or perhaps make a purchase right then and there— but you have some questions about it? Have you ever had difficulties finding the correct phone number to dial to speak to a representative? Have you ever given up your pursuit of finding the right contact information only to find another product or service via an online search?

NowHow To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service as a marketer, what can you do to solve this inconvenience that's costing your company money!? Friends, we’ve got two words for you— QR codes. (And if we’re being a little more specific, we’re going add another magical word to the mix— dynamic QR codes.)

That’s right! Imagine being able to scan a QR code and immediately be directed to the phone app on your iOS or Android device to confirm an outgoing call to the desired number, wonderfully convenient— am I right? Well lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

At URLgenius you can do just that! We have a unique dynamic QR code generator with a patented process for phone numbers (and SMS or email) that allows the person scanning to immediately place a call to the right number— no more fumbling around looking or searching online to find it!

How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

In case you're wondering what exactly makes a QR code for telemarketing dynamic? In short, dynamic QR codes are those in which you as the marketer or agency can control the destination of the scan— whether the QR opens a web page, an email, an SMS text, or an app (in this case, the phone app).

So let's say you've already printed thousands of personalized QR codes with different phone numbers and then— a nightmare: the phone numbers change. Not a problem with the URLgenius platform! You can change the numbers at any time without having to reprint each code— you have the control.

Before we get to the details and show you how to generate a phone number QR cpde step-by-step, let's consider some of the ways that you can use a dynamic scan-to-call QR code in marketing, sales, and customer service.

What Are Some Use Cases of Phone Number QR Codes?

1. Scan-to-Call QR Codes for Sales and Marketing

Scan-to-call QR codes can fill and optimize your conversion funnel. How? By getting more customers to call you directly and immediately at the moment that their interest is piqued! Simply include a 'Scan here to call us!' CTA on your promotional materials along with the QR code. Your customers and prospects can then scan the code to contact your customer sales representative for more information.

This will help you generate more leads and increase your conversion rates. After all, the simpler the process of getting in touch with your brand, the higher the revenue you'll generate.

2.URLgenius Enterprise Platform for QR Codes and App Deep Linking Scan-to-Call QR Codes for Customer Service

Customers often have questions when they're shopping and a phone number QR Code can inspire customers to learn more about the product or service while they're present thinking about the purchase. This is a great way to learn more about prospective customers plus once you get them on the phone you can try to upsell the customer to more premium offers.

Customers that prefer phone conversations are often ignored in today's online world of apps and websites. Connecting customers with a real person to ask their questions will set you apart from your competition!

3. Scan-to-Call QR Codes for Registration

Marketing and customer services campaigns often require that consumers register for something. Whether it's product registration, signing up for an event, entering a contest, or redeeming a special offer. You need that contact information for remarketing (first-party data)!

The challenge is that you're typically asking your customer to take the time out of their busy day to go to a website and fill out a form. So let's face it, as consumers we often truly want whatever it is that's being offered, but we just don't have the time.

So how about making it easier with a scan-to-call QR code that gets your customer on the phone to quickly to provide their information while they're thinking of it? Remember, URLgenius QR codes are dynamic, so if you decide to swap out that phone number for a website in the future, you can!

Step-By-Step: How To Use the URLgenius QR Code Generator To Scan To a Phone Number

URLgenius offers agencies and marketers the ability to create and customize dynamic 'scan-to-call' QR codes that open your visitor’s phone app on their iOS or Android mobile device.

They seem like regular QR codes, but they contain special configurations embedded in them that can access the right phone app whether it's an iOS or Android device doing the scanning. The secret? URLgenius' patented process to embed app deep links for phone apps (or any app) that act as your QR link.

How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

To create a dynamic scan-to-call QR code and campaign link, simply put a text string into the URLgenius homepage in the following format, which includes the phone number you want the customer to call:{phone_number}

Pro Tip: You can use your brand's domain for marketing scan-to-phone QR code. This is easy to set up from the settings of your URLgenius account.

We'll do some marketing ourselves and use our company phone number in this example. When you enter the string of information for a scan-to-call QR deep link, look for the phone icon in the top right corner of the composer, which indicates that URLgenius recognizes the type of link you're generating (if you don't see it, something is wrong!). Note— there's also a field where you can personalize the end of your QR link after the backslash. As we continue with our example, we changed the end of the link to be 'call-urlgenius' to correspond with our campaign.

How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

When you click on “Compose,” you’ll be directed to the QR app link settings page. This is the section where you can test your phone QR code link and see it in action!

The routing tab lets you edit the phone number— and please note: the 'Default URL' is your desktop destination, just in case someone shares the link behind your QR code and a desktop computer clicks it. Remember, URLgenius QR codes are dynamic! You can update the phone number on the 'Routing' tab anytime, even after the QR code is printed. Just remember to update the message for each mobile device type.

Pro tip about multi-language destinations: URLgenius supports multi-language QR codes. Traffic is routed based on the user's language-geo preference. That means you could route to different phone numbers based on language! Contact us if you need help setting up a multi-language dynamic scan-to-call QR code.

Now click 'QR Settings' to download your QR code. You can upload your brand's logo or change the colors of the QR code. Just beware that changing the design of the QR code can affect the ability to scan. If you're unsure about QR code customization best practices, don't hesitate to contact us with questions (it's the best way to ensure that you avoid a QR code fail!)

How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

Dynamic scan-to-call phone app QR codes for telemarketing are quite easy to make once you get the hang of it, but they're also easy to get wrong— ultimately making the code unscannable. Whether you're using the code for telemarketing, television, print, email, packaging, or retail displays; all QR codes need to be optimized for design, size, density, channel, and placement.

Make sure to check out our QR Code Strategy Guide and QR Experience Playbook to learn more about the common mistakes and what to consider in relation to apps, websites, and QR analytics.

Your Scan-to-Call QR Code Analytics

You can log in to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to understand how often your QR code is being scanned. URLgenius will track scans separately from clicks in case someone is sharing the link behind it. This is also helpful when both the QR code and the link are in a multi-channel campaign.

Tracking scans from phone app QR codes is a great way to enhance your first-party data over time as you increase your understanding of how your customers and prospects like to engage with the QR channel.

How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

You can create singular or thousands of dynamic QR codes for scan-to-call QR telemrketing, and personalize them in bulk using the URLgenius API. Our team at URLgenius will even create them and send them directly to your printer! And if you need help or guidance, just let us know.

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