URLgenius SoundCloud Deep Linking

SoundCloud App Deep Linking with URLgeniusThe SoundCloud Platform is Part Music Service Part Creative Hub

A favorite of DJs and music producers, SoundCloud is the go-to platform for all types of musicians, artists, bands and songwriters. The company started as a platform for independent musicians and is now not just a music service but an important artistic hub and tool for free music distribution.

Deep Linking to the SoundCloud App and Tracking App Opens

One way music creators and promoters can understand listener engagement more effectively is to track SoundCloud mobile app opens across marketing channels and audiences. URLgenius lets you create custom links for SoundCloud profiles and songs while tracking app opens on iOS and Android. URLgenius analytics shows app opens by device as well as the referring URL and geography when available. You can also append UTM tracking parameters for Google Analytics and other tracking solutions. This is helpful for attributing SoundCloud app opens to certain channels including email, display or paid search.

URLgenius Links for the SoundCloud App Step-by-Step

First login to SoundCloud on your desktop computer and navigate to the artist, song, podcast or playlist you want to link to in the SoundCloud app for iOS or Android. Here is a link example to a remix album by the artist Tiesto:


Copy that link to the clipboard.

Note: You can also copy the link by clicking the 'Share' button. Notice the link is the same as if you were to copy the link from the address bar of your browser.

Deep Linking to the SoundCloud App for iOS and Android with URLgenius

Now login to URLgenius and copy/paste that link into the URLgenius home page. Notice that the SoundCloud icon is highlighted. The highlighted icon lets you know URLgenius recognized the link.

URLgenius Deep Linking to SoundCloud App for iOS and Andoid

Also notice there is a field where you can customize the end of the link. If you do not customize the link, URLgenius will assign random characters. In this example, we customized it with 'tiesto-new'.

Deep Linking to the SoundCloud App for iOS and Android to Track App Opens

Now select 'Compose' and you will be brought to the settings page for the link. This is where you can copy the link for placement in emails, display advertising, event paid search or print ads. You can also test the behavior of the link using your mobile device by scanning the QR code.

Deep Link to the SoundCloud App While Tracking App Opens on iOS and Android

URLgenius Analytics and SoundCloud App Opens
You can login to URLgenius anytime to see how many times your links are opening the SoundCloud app.

You can update your social profile links in the same way for Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Messenger, Telegram, Spotify, the New York Times and even Amazon and other shopping apps.

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