Multi-Language Deep Linking by Language

Multi-Language Deep Linking and Campaign Routing for Apps and WebsitesMost global brands automatically route international traffic to local websites by detecting various signals from the device. This automatic detection and redirect typically occurs without the visitor having to select choose their location each time they visit the site. The most popular signals are IP address (geo) and the language preference setting in the browser. In addition to automatic routing capabilities, some brands also allow the user to select their location the first time they visit the site but remember that selection for subsequent visits.

Yet despite having these automatic routing capabilities, global brands and ecommerce companies often need further deep linking control at the campaign link level to optimize conversion when routing consumers to select campaign content.

Multi-Language Campaign Routing for Apps and Websites

Deep linking platforms like URLgenius allow marketers to route campaign traffic to one international site or to multiple sites and app destinations based on the language preference in the visitor’s browser. Agencies or marketing managers have complete control over routing without the need for costly technical resources.

Platforms like URLgenius can provide marketers with more intelligent campaign links that enable campaign managers to:Multi-Language Deep Linking and Campaign Routing for Apps and Websites

Step-by-Step Example

1. Select your web URL

In this example, we’ll use a product link on Amazon that is sold in the United States, Canada and Germany:

United States (EN):
Canada (EN):

2. Compose the multi-language deep link

3. Turn on and adjust multi-language routing and app deep linking

Here’s our multi language deep link for Amazon shopping that routes to a product page for U.S. English, Canadian English and German. To test this link yourself, try it from a mobile device after changing the language setting on your mobile browser.

Testing Multi-Language Campaigns

Platforms like URLgenius typically give marketers free test clicks. Since there is nothing to install and links take minutes to setup, multi-language routing features may it easy for marketers to determine potential return on ad spend before making significant investments. Marketers can test such links in email, display advertising or even a simple Facebook post.

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