Optimize Your Link-in-Bio with Automatic Link Curation and Maximize Commissions on Prime Day

SalesAutomatic Link Curation for Influencers with Mobile App URLs events link Amazon's Big Deal Prime Days offer influencers and affiliates an incredible opportunity to earn commissions. The flip side of that coin is efficiently sorting through and presenting product recommendations to followers. That's no easy task when there are literally hundreds of product categories and what seems like an infinite number of deals and products.

A big part of the solution to that problem is optimizing the links in your bio for Instagram and other social media profiles as well as other marketing channels. The right links can actually do all the work for you! This post will give you some practical tips you can implement immediately that will save you time and propel your earnings to new heights!

Automatically Curate Your Top Trending Links

Successful influencers and creators promote hundreds and often thousands of products links. The resulting product mix reflects not only important sales events like Amazon Prime Day but also seasonal changes, trends and themed content. So how can influencers identify what's working and multiply that success even further to earn more commissions?

One popular strategy for optimizing commissions is to identify a creator's most popular product recommendations. Followers view 'Best Sellers' as a vote of confidence in the product and that can lead to more sales and more commissions.

Automatic Link Curation for Influencers with Mobile App URLs

When you have thousands of links and reporting to sort through that can be painstaking effort week after week. URLgenius Trending Links, however, can do all the work for you by automatically identifying your best sellers and presenting them on a customizable page. The title and colors of the page can be changed to align with the your brand and campaign.

Your Trending Links page is automatically updated daily! Instead of spending time identifying what's trending, influencers can check their Trending Links page each day and spend more time on content strategies that propel that success even further. Simply place the link to your Top Trending Products on a button in your link-in-bio solution. Your can also use Trending Links in other marketing channels. Check your Trending Links page each day to see if your latest product recommendations are making it onto your top ten list! You might be surprised at what you find!

Tag Your Affiliate App Links to Automatically Create a Collection of Product Recommendations

Another time consuming task for influencers is curating collections of products. Influencers often curate collections by product category, campaign or event. Themed content can also inspire a collection of products. A kitchen home renovation project for example, could inspire multiple product collections from tools and appliances, to cookbooks to cutlery. Or simply create a list of your favorite product recommendations by month!

URLgenius makes it easy to create a collection by simply adding a tag to your app link. That word for the tag can then be used to create a collection in just a few clicks. You can add the tag when you compose your app link or later in the link settings.

URLgenius Enables Influencers to Tag App Links and Turn That Tag into a Collection

Making it easy to create Collections frees up an influencer's time to get creative and try new ideas by grouping products together in new and different ways. Try creating and promoting collections based on Instagram highlights, product categories, campaigns, holidays and sales events. Once you learn which collections your followers like, your strategy for grouping recommendations can be continuously optimized to ensure you're maximizing commissions!

Turn All Those Amazon Links on Your Blog into App Links for Trending Links and Collections

If you're a content creator with a popular blog you may have thousands of Amazon links already getting traffic. If those link are not turned into app links you could be losing significant revenue. In addition, those links cannot be included in your list of Trending Links or in Collections unless you turn them into app links first.

So how can you turn thousands of Amazon links into affiliate app URLs in just a few clicks? It's called URLgenius Instant App Linking and any URLgenius influencer can use it to transform their blog into an app revenue machine. Instant App Linking gives each influencer their own app URL prefix that can simply be placed in front of any regular Amazon link. Your Instant App Linking prefix will then turn that regular Amazon link into an app link.

Then those links will be can be included in your strategies for Trending Links and Collections. Ready to give these tips a try? Login and explore these features and contact is to set up a demo!

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