How to Generate a QR Code To Open the Facebook App To Your Profile

QRHow to Generate a QR Code To Open the Facebook App To Your Profile codes for Facebook and other social networks are a great way to get more followers and increase engagement with your brand's profile. Consumers have become more accustomed to scanning QR codes, presenting an opportunity for marketers to use them in a wide variety of touchpoints. A customer or prospect that scans your QR code can immediately engage with your social content without doing a Google Search for your brand.

This QR example opens the Facebook app to the Zara brand profile:

How to Generate a QR Code To Open the Facebook App To Your Profile

The Importance of Generating a Facebook QR Code To Grow Followers

The key thing to remember is that your Facebook QR code needs to open the Facebook app. That may seem obvious, however, most QR code generators cannot create codes that open apps (which means you'll be sending your visitors to the Facebook website login instead!) This ultimately results in low conversion rates. You may get a lot of scans on your FB QR code, but no additional followers or engagement— because most people do not want to log in to the Facebook website.

Remember, the Facebook app is persistently logged into, so why not use a QR code designed to open the app and avoid that mobile web login!? URLgenius lets you instantly create and test a QR code that opens the Facebook directly to your profile or other screens in the Facebook app.

Step-by-Step: How To Generate a QR Code for Your Facebook Page

In the screenshot below we're creating a QR code to Zara's Facebook brand profile:

How to Generate a QR Code To Open the Facebook App To Your Profile

Pro Tip: You can create a QR code that opens other page types in the Facebook app. Create a QR code that opens to a Facebook group, event, or even a specific post. Think about specific Facebook App QR codes in relation to your marketing objectives.

Learn more about how the strategic implementation of QR codes in your marketing campaign can be a great way to increase sales, boost app engagement, and/or drive app installs:

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QR Code Best Practices

QR codes are easy to create but it's easy to get something wrong and make the code unscannable. Whether you're using the code for television, print, email, packaging, or retail displays; all QR codes need to be optimized for design, size, density, channel, and placement.

Make sure to check out our QR Experience Playbook and QR Code Strategy Guide to learn more about the common mistakes and what to consider in relation to apps, websites, and QR analytics.

Also, if you need to create personalized QR codes for Facebook or any other app, URLgenius has an API. We can even create them for you and send them directly to the printer! We are QR code experts so don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

URLgenius QR Code Analytics

You can log in to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to understand how often your QR code is being scanned. URLgenius will track scans separately from clicks. This is helpful when both the QR code and the link are in a multi-channel campaign.

Tracking scans is a great way to enhance your first-party data over time as you increase your understanding of how your customers and prospects like to engage with your brand.

How to Generate a QR Code To Open the Facebook App To Your Profile

You can create QR codes for any social app or even your own brand app. And if you need help or guidance just let us know. Sign up get started.

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