How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

TheseHow to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024 days in the influencer world, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll be dabbling in your fair share of Amazon product promotion (hey, we even did a blog about that!). But have you—the influencer, that is—considered expanding your reach into the Walmart marketplace arena?

This platform revolutionizes affiliate marketing by equipping influencers with tools and resources to directly monetize products and collaborate with brands, bypassing any middlemen.

Okay, so where do you start? Lucky for you, this post is all about how to join the Walmart Influencer Program, better known as the Walmart Creator Program, and all the associated best practices.

What is the Walmart Creator Program?

The Walmart Creator program empowers creators to earn money by promoting Walmart products, thereby enhancing their own brand visibility across social media platforms. The best part? There’s no cap on the earnings you can generate from sales.

As participants in the program, creators gain access to a vast array of products, earning commissions for each sale they initiate. The platform also tailors product recommendations to match each influencer's unique interests. It's a straightforward process that packs a powerful punch.

How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

Influencers can easily share product links on their preferred social media channels, receive personalized product suggestions, and access insightful analytics to grow their audience. Walmart's vision is clear: they believe there's a creator in everyone, and this program is designed to make that a reality. Whether you're a seasoned influencer or just starting out, Walmart Creator is your gateway to turning influence into income.

How Does the Walmart Influencer Program Work?

When you become part of Walmart's Creator Program, you unlock the opportunity to share a wide array of products with your followers. Each purchase made through your unique link earns you a commission, and there's no ceiling to how much you can collect!How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

It's important to note that your earnings potential varies by product category. For example, you could earn a robust 18% commission on sales of home decor or beauty items. However, commissions drop to between 0% and 1% for media and gaming products. Additionally, if your referrals lead to new sign-ups for Walmart Plus, you'll earn extra commissions for those as well.

You can also monitor your performance through the Walmart Creator dashboard, which provides insights into both your affiliate activities and storefront performance. Payments are issued after the completion of each accounting period, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded. Join the Walmart Creator Program and start turning your influence into income today!

How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

Additionally, Walmart Creators have the opportunity to earn commissions when someone signs up for Walmart Plus, the retailer's exclusive membership program.

How to Become a Walmart Influencer (Creator)

If you're a content creator or influencer looking to expand your reach and earnings in 2023, becoming a Walmart Creator might be the perfect move. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Submit Your Application
Kick off your journey by visiting the Walmart Creator portal and hitting the 'apply now' button. You'll need to complete three sections in the application:

How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

After submitting your application, Walmart reviews it on a rolling basis. You'll receive a welcome email once you're accepted into the program.

Step 2: Start Promoting and Earning
Upon acceptance, you'll gain access to the affiliate dashboard on Walmart's site. Here’s what to do next:

How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

For example, low-commission categories include food and precious metals, while high-commission categories may offer up to 18% on electronics. Familiarize yourself with the commission sheet to maximize your earnings.

How to Promote Your Walmart Influencer Store

Inform your audience that you have curated a selection of products tailored to their interests and needs, which you fully endorse! If your audience is engaged and responsive, they are likely to trust and follow your recommendations.

How to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024

• Insert your influencer page link in your bio. Direct your followers to this link through your post captions so they know where to find your recommended products.
• Encourage your followers to check out the featured products by visiting the link in your bio.
• Leverage Instagram Stories to display your personality, genuinely connect with your followers, and attract new ones. Use both temporary and highlighted stories to ensure maximum engagement.

• Place your influencer page link in your 'About' section.
• Share your product recommendations through Facebook Stories, similar to how you would on Instagram.
• Add a 'Shop Now' button to your Facebook profile, linking directly to your influencer page.
• Include links in your product-focused posts that direct to both your influencer page and specific product pages.

• Add your influencer page link to your channel's 'About' section.
• Include this link in your video descriptions, especially when mentioning products. Inform your viewers that they can access these products by clicking on the links provided.

• Feature your influencer page link prominently in your Twitter bio.
• Continuously tweet product recommendations, incorporating your influencer link as often as possible, or direct followers to your bio for the link.

Website & Blog:
• Craft blog posts that resonate with your audience's preferences, regularly updating with new content. Integrate links to recommended products where appropriate and guide readers to your Influencer page to explore all your recommendations in one place.

• Use Snapchat Stories to give followers a glimpse into your life and highlight your favorite products and influencer page.

• Utilize your podcast or other audio platforms to deepen your connection with listeners and discuss your curated products available on your Walmart shop.

Join the Walmart Fashion Influencer Family

DidHow to Join the Walmart Influencer Program in 2024 you know that the fashion featured on Walmart is making waves in the e-commerce industry? It’s true.

If you’re already an Amazon or Target Fashion Influencer, then you should definitely consider dipping your toes into the Walmart Fashion pool of $$$!

In fact, check out the Walmart Fashion Instagram page yourself. We’re sure you’ll find some amazing products that’ll be just a breeze to promote and influence your social following into buying!

Become a Walmart Influencer Today!

The Walmart Creator Program offers a fantastic platform to monetize your influence. Whether you're into sharing the latest gadget reviews, essential beauty products, or your favorite household items, this program allows you to earn money directly through your content. Apply today to start leveraging Walmart's extensive product base and boost your influencer career in 2024!

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