4 Ways You Can Boost TikTok Engagement and Followers Now

TikTokApp Deep Linking to TikTok Profiles and Videos had an incredible year of growth in 2019. Emarketer reported on a study done in October 2019 that found 45% of US teens ages 13 to 17 had used the app in the past month, exceeding Facebook (39%) but lagging Snapchat (67%), Instagram (74%) and YouTube (90%). Even more impressive was that TikTok was downloaded 738 million times in 2019 making it the No. 2 app on Google Play and iTunes exceeding only WhatsApp at 849 million downloads.

If you already have a TikTok presence or if you, your marketing team or your agency are thinking about diving into one of the world's fastest growing social platforms, here are four tips for increasing your return on investment.

1. Link directly to your TikTok profile from different channels: Every TikTok profile and video has an associated link. You can grab this link from the address bar of your browser. Here is a TikTokTok profile link for the fashion brand Guess:


TheApp Deep Linking to TikTok Profiles and Videos challenge with regular TikTok links is that they often cannot open the TikTok app directly to your profile depending on the context in which you click the link. You might be taken to the TikTok app but not your profile or you might be taken to the TikTok website where you need to login. In addition, the embedded browsers for Facebook and Instagram typically route all app traffic to the mobile website making social advertising nearly impossible.

Your TikTok content can be viewed in the mobile browser but if your visitor tries to follow your profile or like your video they are likely to be taken to the TikTok login screen where most people abandon. As a result, if you are promoting regular TikTok links from different marketing channels you might be getting a lot of views but not as many followers, likes or comments as you might expect.

Website logins and extra clicks are not only frustrating for your visitors but also lead to lost followers and brand engagement which suppresses your return on investment in TikTok. Marketers simply need to update their TikTok links with a deep linking platform. You should not have to install anything and you should be able to test the deep link at no charge. This is an easy fix that takes only minutes and a solution you should implement for all your social content links including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook.

2. Promote deep links to TikTok profiles and specific videos: Think about when it is best to promote your TikTok profile vs. a specific video. Once you create the deep link to your profile, place it behind the TikTok icon on your website, email templates or in social advertising. Staying with our example, here is a deep link to the TikTok profile for the fashion retailer Guess:


If you have a weekly newsletter or want to tell the world about your latest TikTok video, consider promoting a deep link to a specific TikTok video from different marketing channels. Here is a deep link example to a specific TikTok video for Guess:


3. Link to your TikTok profile or video from QR codes: QR codes are back in fashion! More consumers than ever are engaging with brands via QR codes ever since the cameras in iOS and Android devices were updated with the ability to scan QR codes making scanning apps obsolete. Make sure your deep linking platform provides you with a corresponding QR code that you can use in any channel. You can use a QR code on screen or in printed marketing material to open the TikTok app directly to your profile or video. Creative use of QR codes will increase engagement and get your brand more followers.

Deep Linking to TikTok Profiles and Videos

4. Link to TikTok from your other social profiles and apps: You can deep links to your TikTok profile or specific videos from other social profiles and content. For example, if you have fewer followers on TikTok vs. YouTube or Instagram, place a deep link to your TikTok profile or video in your Instagram or YouTube profile. This can be especially effective when you know your audience frequently uses both platforms. Just keep in mind, whether you can link to another platform like TikTok is up to the app in question. In 2017 for example, YouTube started restricting who can link to another social platform making the feature available only to those YouTubers that have 10,000 subscribers or more. Create a deep link to TikTok and test it outside of the other social network first. As a second step, test the deep link again from within the social network you are linking from to see any difference in behavior.

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of followers on TikTok or perhaps you're working with TikTok influencers and want to link to your app or other apps, make sure to use a URLgenius deep link. For example, deep linking from TikTok to Spotify, Amazon or Instagram etc. URLgenius links make it easy to link to just about any app from TikTok.

Using these app deep linking tips can help you get your audience into the TikTok app more efficiently which will help you increase followers and views. Login screens, unnecessary landing pages and extra clicks are all examples of friction in the consumer journey that you can and need to avoid in order to maximize time and investment in video content.

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