How to Generate Deep Links and QR Codes for Facebook Groups

facebook-deep-linking-groups-200x200-borderFacebook groups have become a popular way for marketers to reach like-minded customers and prospects. Marketers now use Facebook groups to promote events, discuss industry news and engage with brand advocates.

Promoting groups on Facebook can be challenging especially when trying to reach targeted audiences. This is especially true if your company is just getting started with Facebook groups and your customers, prospects or audience is not yet accustomed to getting information about your company or brand through this channel. So the question becomes, how can marketers more efficiently send traffic to a Facebook group from other channels (email, search, display advertising, websites) while minimizing clicks?

The answer is to link directly to your Facebook group vs. your Facebook profile. Using a browser, when you navigate to your Facebook group, notice the link in the address bar of your browser. It will look similar to this example:

The challenge in promoting typical links to Facebook group pages is that they cannot always open the Facebook mobile app for iOS or Android. Depending on the platform, device and the context in which the link is clicked, the user will often be taken to the Facebook mobile website. In order to join the group or comment on the content, the user would need to login to Facebook. Most people abandon in these mobile moments because the Facebook mobile app is typically installed already where the user is persistently logged in. As a result, promoting ordinary links to your Facebook groups might generate a lot of clicks but not as joins, comments or engagement.


Solutions like URLgenius let marketers update links to Facebook groups to detect and open the Facebook mobile app directly to that particular group page. This makes it easy to join and engage with the group immediately. URLgenius links for groups in Facebook can be promoted from any channel and will consistently open the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android.

Step-by-Step: Generate Deep Links to Facebook Groups

In the following example, we will generate a deep link to a Facebook group called Gardening Hints and Tips. Users of URLgenius can follow these steps to create deep links to your organization's group page in the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android.

Tracking App Opens Across iOS and Android

Another benefit of app deep linking platforms like URLgenius is reporting. You can append any campaign tracking parameters for web or channel analytics solutions like Google Analytics, either before or after you compose your URLgenius link. In addition, if your email platform dynamically appends UTM campaign parameters, platforms like URLgenius will maintain them upon click through.

App deep linking dashboards like URLgenius also provide you with at-a-glance reporting for clicks, app opens to your Facebook group on iOS and Android, referring URL and geography.

Here is an example chart for daily clicks:

Facebook App Deep Linking Tracking App Opens

This next chart shows app opens on iOS and Android:

Facebook App Deep Linking Tracking App Opens

Marketers may also want to know what state and referring URL is driving the most interest in your Facebook group:

Facebook App Deep Linking Tracking App Opens

Login and make sure to update all your Facebook links for higher conversion and audience engagement!

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