Deep Linking to Ecommerce Apps

Deep Linking to the Ecommerce Mobile AppsThe Deep Linking Imperative for Retailers
The job of a retail marketer is more complex than ever as the consumer journey is more fragmented in a mobile first world. For retailers managing mobile websites and mobile apps, it can be challenging to break down marketing silos. Mobile apps, for example are often managed by a team that's seperate from the email, paid search and display advertising teams.

URLgenius can help change that by ebabling marketers to immediately test app vs. web conversion from any marketing channel. Deep linking is the ability for a link to detect and open the mobile app vs. website when clicked from a mobile device that has the app is installed. If the app is not installed, the user is sent to a retailer's mobile website.

This is increasingly important for ecommerce sales because mobile app shoppers are typically more engaged and spend more. Retailers with maturing apps are now striving to convert mobile website shoppers to app shoppers. In this case, it's important not to send app users back to the mobile web site.

Deep Linking to Mobile Ecommerce Apps with URLgenius
You can try URLgenius with your mobile app simply by updating a few of your Web URLs. Here are some URLgenius deep link examples to popular retail apps. Consider if you have these apps installed and then try these links from your mobile device.

Walmart Deep Linking with URLgenius
Walmart product link:

Home Shopping Network App Deep Linking with URLgenius
Home Shopping Network category page:

Deep Linking to The Home Depot
Home Depot category page:

All the links above were created without technical resources and without implementing software development kits (SDK). Unlike most deep linking solutions, URLgenius is designed for marketers and agencies not application developers. The links can be used anywhere including email marketing, display advertising, paid search and social. Other benefits of URLgenius ecommerce deep linking include:

URLgenius Deep Linking and App-Open Reports
For attribution, you can include any UTM parameters for web analytics, email marketing platforms or paid search platforms. URLgenius reporting also shows you clicks, app-open rates on iOS and Android, referring URL and geography. Here's an example of an app-open chart.

Deep Linking to Retail Apps for iOS and Android with URLgenius

Any mobile app for ecommerce on iTunes or Google Play can be added to the URLgenius platform at no charge. We can typically can get setup test links within minutes.

Don't forget, URLgenius also helps you increase social app engagement. Update your social profile links for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Messenger and Telegram. This will help increase social app engagement.

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