6 Top Influencer and Affiliate Use Cases for Mobile App Deep Linking

Influencers5 Top Influencer and Affiliate Use Cases for Mobile App Deep Linking and affiliates alike have found success in creating mobile app deep links with us at URLgenius—a gold mine of success mined from previously untapped potential. In fact, our friends who’ve signed up with us have garnered anywhere from three to five times more in their commission rates, and sometimes even more!

Mobile app deep links, also known as just deep links, and also known as mobile app URLs, are links that take the users clicking on them directly to the corresponding page in the corresponding app.

For example, you feature a link to an Amazon product on your Instagram story. When users click your default affiliate link, they aren’t taken to the Amazon app, and are instead taken to a web page in the embedded browser in the Instagram app.

This is ultimately detrimental to your affiliate efforts because most users typically avoid shopping on browser web pages, partially because of the subpar user experience, and mostly because making a purchase necessitates logging into their Amazon account when they’re already logged in on their app. When users choose to switch to the app and search for the desired item on their own, they don’t receive credit for the sale, which (of course) means they miss out on that commission.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating URLgenius deep links into influencer or affiliate marketing strategies. Any place you’re using an affiliate link is the perfect place to switch it with a URLgenius affiliate app link, and just watch those commissions soar!

In this particular post, we’re going to go over the most common (and useful!) ways that influencers and affiliates incorporate URLgenius deep links into their social media marketing strategies.

1. Instagram to Amazon (or any other e-commerce app)

If you’re an influencer on Instagram, we’re ready to bet that you’re using your Instagram bio stories as the main ammo for your Amazon affiliate link promos. Especially when you’re posting on a near-daily basis, you’re going to want to maximize your earning potential.

Bonus tip: URLgenius deep links aren’t only for affiliate links. If you’re a YouTuber or TikTok-er, a great way to promote other platforms is by inputting that social profile or video link into our deep link generator, and bada bing, bada boom—you’ve got a new subscriber or follower! It’s really that easy.

2. Facebook Groups & Posts to Amazon (or any other e-commerce app)

Many of our influencers have a dedicated Facebook group——with equally dedicated followers—in which they post Amazon affiliate links regularly. With URLgenius Amazon affiliate links that open in the app, they’re able to boost those sales and keep their followers coming back for more.

While you’re given the option to link your Instagram reels to your Facebook page (and add links to the Facebook description), we highly recommend that you create videos specifically catered to your Facebook group. Why? Well, the Facebook algorithm rewards videos created on its platform and penalizes Instagram reels.

When it comes to creating promotional content on Facebook, you must mention that each post contains an affiliate link or is an advertisement. If you don’t, you risk getting banned from the platform.

Lastly, we urge you to not use Facebook messaging as a way to share links—unlike Instagram DMs, the process isn’t as streamlined and can lead to unnecessary login prompts for your followers, which ultimately hurts your commissions.

5 Top Influencer and Affiliate Use Cases for Mobile App Deep Linking

3. YouTube Descriptions

If you use YouTube as platform for vlogging and product promotion, we recommend following the blueprint for a YouTube description layout:

4. Linktree in Social Bios

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you create a Linktree account to consolidate the links to your social media accounts, blog, and other relevant URLs to your brand in one convenient area for your followers.

Linktree allows you to attach each of your links to a respective “button,” each of which sends your followers to the desired page. Once you streamline your Linktree link according to your brand’s needs, it’s then ready to be placed in all of your social bios..

5 Top Influencer and Affiliate Use Cases for Mobile App Deep Linking

Unfortunately, the downside to this innovation tailor-made for influencers is—you guessed it—that the buttons’ links do not open the designated app. So, of course, URLgenius links are the solution to this conundrum—all you have to do is replace each link with its mobile app URL alternative.

5. Custom Branded Affiliate Mobile App URLs

So you’ve generated all your Amazon affiliate mobile app URLs—awesome! Say hello to more $$$ in your pocket. But did you know that there’s even a further step to maximizing affiliate sales and commissions?

We have a feature that allows you to customize your affiliate links with your brand’s domain! While it’s perfectly fine to keep your links just as you’ve created them—as in with the URLgenius domain—you’re likely to get a better click-through rate when using your brand’s domain.

It’s not because URLgenius isn’t awesome—it’s just that your audience is probably not familiar with us.

Check out this brief video about branded app links for marketplaces.

6. Amazon Prime Day

This is kind of a given, considering we’ve come this far talking about Amazon affiliate mobile app URLs, right? After all, if there’s any day you want to ensure everyone’s clicking on your Amazon links and purchasing the products you’re promoting, it’s going to be Amazon Prime Day.

5 Top Influencer and Affiliate Use Cases for Mobile App Deep Linking

In fact, Amazon influencer Tara Theuson used URLgenius links on Prime Day and watched her commissions increase 9x!!!

There you have it! When it comes to innovative ways to increase your commissions, URLgenius affiliate mobile app links are exactly what you need to maximize that $$$ in your pocket!

Did you know? Cross-promoting your social profiles is a great way to maximize social engagement across social media platforms:

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