How to Make YouTube App Deep Links and QR Codes That Grow Your Subscribers

YouTube App Deep LinkingVideo Consumption Growth and Why Deep Linking Matters

Video content and advertising is a hot topic among marketers. The technology company Cisco, for example, predicts that 80% of internet traffic will be video by the year 2020. The world's leading agencies including Carat are predicting that global video advertising will increase by 31% in 2017 alone.

Most video consumption is happening on on mobile devices and within social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Video ad formats are also quickly evolving providing media planners and content creators a wide range of ad formats for reaching a targeted audience. To maximize views and engagement, however, marketers need to deep link to the YouTube mobile app for iOS and Android while avoiding that YouTube mobile website login.

YouTube App Deep Linking for iOS and Android

URLgenius allows marketers to update YouTube profile and video links so they can open the Youtube app when detected on the user's mobile device. Deep linking to the YouTube mobile app vs. website will help you increase followers, views and engagement.

YouTube accounts have a user profile link and each video posted also has a link that can be used in advertising, email, paid search and social. For example, this is the link to the YouTube profile for the Coca-Cola brand.

Notice profile links have the word 'user' in the path:

Here is an example link to a YouTube channel. Notice it has the word 'channel' in the path:

Video links in turn have the word 'watch' in the path:

Clicking typical YouTube links (user profiles, channels or specific videos) from a mobile device will bring you to the YouTube mobile website even if you have the YouTube mobile app installed. Although the profile and videos can be viewed from the browser, if you try to like the page or comment you will be asked to login. At this point most people abandon. This leads to lost followers, engagement and even revenue.

Step-by-Step: How to Deep Link to the YouTube Mobile App

A large percentage of Youtube users have installed the YouTube app for iOS or Android. URLgenius enables you to create deeps link to the Youtube mobile app vs. website providing your visitors with a more seamless content experience. Just follow these steps to update your profile and video links.

Where to place your URLgenius deep links for YouTube:

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for YouTube

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