How to Create Spotify Track Deep Links and QR Codes that Grow Followers

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The growth of Spotify continues to change the way millions of people listen to music. According to a March 2017 announcement, the company has surpassed 50 million subscribers. With millions of songs available among all types of music genres, the job of music promoter has never been more challenging.

Deep Linking to the Spotify App While Tracking App Opens

One way that public relations firms can promote artists and songs more effecively is to track Spotify app opens across marketing channels. URLgenius lets you create custom links for Spotify artists and songs that can track app opens on iOS and Android while showing you the referring URL and geography when available. In addition, you can append UTM tracking parameters for Google Analytics and other tracking solutions. This is helpful for attributing app opens to certain channels or audience segments.

URLgenius Links for the Spotify App Step-by-Step

First login to Spotify on your desktop computer and navigate to the artist, song or playlist you want to link to in the Spotify app for iOS or Android. To locate and copy the link, click on share in the menu.

Spotify App Deep Linking.

Next click the 'less than greater than' symbols.

Spotify App Deep Linking for iOS and Android

You have just copied that link to the clipboard but we don't all the code copied, we only need the link itself. Now open a text editor such as notepad and paste the contents. Highlighted in the screenshot below is the link to the artist (song or playlist):

Deep Linking to the Spotify App while Tracking App Opens on iOS and Android

Important: You must remove the word 'embed' from the path. That leaves you with this link to paste into URLgenius:

Now login to URLgenius and copy/paste that link into the URLgenius home page.

Spotify App Deep Linking with URLgenius

Now select 'Compose' and you will be brought to the settings page for the link. This is where you can copy the link for placement in emails, display advertising, event paid search or print ads. You can also test the behavior of the link using your mobile device by scanning the QR code.

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Spotify

URLgenius Analytics and Spotify App Opens

You can login to URLgenius anytime to see how many times your links are opening the Spotify app.

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