Deep Linking: Track Snapchat App Opens

Snapchat URLgenus Deep LinkingThe Incredible Growth of Snapchat and Why Deep Linking Matters

In just a few short years, Snapchat has quickly become a very important marketing channel for all types of advertisers. eMarketer is predicting Snapchat’s user base in the U.S. will grow in 2017 by 13.6% to almost 67 million users surpassing Twitter and Pinterest. That translates to nearly one in five americans using the platform. In addition, Snapchat attracts a coveted audience with over 61 percent of users being 34 years old or younger. Deep linking to your profile from different marketing channels will help you grow and expand your Snapchat audience quickly.

Grow Followers Fast with URLgenius Deep Linking for Snapchat

Marketers just getting started with Snapchat may not know what percentage of their audience is using the social network. Knowing that number is important for measuring the success of your efforts as you start to promote your Snapchat profile content and stories. A simple way to estimate Snapchat usage among your customers and prospects is to link to your Snapchat profile from your email campaigns, display advertising and other marketing channels.

When you update the link to your Snapchat profile with URLgenius, you will have access to a wide range of insights including visitors, clicks and Snapchat app opens by platform, device and channel.

Snapchat Deep Links Step-by-Step

Where to place your URLgenius deep links for Snapchat:

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Snapchat
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Make sure to update your profile links in the same way for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and even Amazon and other shopping apps.

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