Messenger Bot Best Practices and App Deep Linking

FacebookFacebook Messenger Best Practices with App Deep Linking updated its policies for Messenger in March 2020 which changed the rules related to when and why customers and prospects can be contacted. It's important to understand these rules as you consider a Facebook Messenger bot strategy. If you break the rules you run the risk of your company being blocked by Facebook from sending messages.

Messenger marketing agencies and platforms like Manychat have released great guides about the update that you should read if you need to understand all the in-depth details of the changes. In the meantime, here’s a summary of the key things to know related to when and why you can message your subscribers:

In addition to understanding the new rules, we wanted to illustrate some real use cases that take these new policies into consideration. So we asked Janice Gonzalez, the CEO and Founder of the bot agency wittyfairy, for a list of her favorite Facebook Messenger implementations that can help you increase conversion and revenue and why URLgenius links play an important part of optimizing the customer experience.

Use Case 1: Continue the relationship with a Messenger subscriber 24h after the last interaction, when the message we want to send doesn't fall in one of the 4 Messenger tags.

That’s it! Your URLgenius link is one that you send by SMS. A cool feature of the URLgenius platform is that you can use your domain for your URLgenius links.

If your subscribers are located in a country where SMS delivery is covered by Manychat, plan a Sequence or a Broadcast for SMS within Manychat:

6 - Facebook Messenger Use Cases and Best Practices with App Deep Linking

If the subscribers are not located in a country where Manychat does not cover SMS delivery:

Watch this video of the consumer experience:

or scan this QR code to test a live demo:

9 - Facebook Messenger Use Cases and Best Practices with App Deep Linking

Use Case 2: Create a cross-platform strategy to build a database of emails away from the Facebook environment and redirect those subscribers to Messenger when needing to re-interact after 24h

Watch this video of the user experience:

Use Case 3: Develop a cross-platform social media strategy that redirects a Messenger audience to a social app where relevant content is posted on a regular basis (this is a Pinterest example)

Use Case 4: Sponsored Messages

Use Case 5: Retargeting Manychat subscribers

Last but not least: you can still send messages directly in Messenger!

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