How to Create App Deep Links for Instagram Hashtags

Instagram logo-200x200Hashtag Marketing with Instagram and Why Deep Linking Matters
Hashtags have truly revolutionized marketing. They represent a simple way for brands and campaign managers to spark conversations and contribute to current events while aligning a brand or a product with certain characteristics to attract a target audience. Hashtags help create campaign narratives and drive awareness of a brand’s message.

Most Instagram users access the social platform with their mobile device, however, Instagram also has website for desktop and mobile. According to one recent study, more than 65% of all millennials accessing Instagram with their smartphone. That is incredible reach and makes hashtag marketing an important part of any campaign strategy. Deep linking to hashtags increases engagement with your campaign.

Deep Linking to Hashtags in the Instagram App for iOS and Android Instagram Hashtag Deep Links: Mobile App vs. Website
Deep links to Instagram hashtags will typically lead your visitors to the Instagram mobile website. The content can be viewed but if the user tries to follow your profile or like the content, they will be presented with the Instagram mobile website login. The links cannot detect and open the Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android. Most users will abandon resulting in lost followers, engagement and ultimately revenue.

Updating the link to your hashtag with URLgenius will enable you to detect and immediately open the Instagram app for iOS or Android directly to the right page. This is called mobile app deep linking and using Instagram app deep links will get more followers and more engagement faster by avoiding that mobile website login.

For example, you can increase Instagram followers and engagement by promoting your hashtags for Instagram on Facebook, Twitter, email marketing and other channels. Your URLgenius hashtag links for Instagram will enable your visitors to view the content in the Instagram mobile app. For example, H&M uses the hashtag “#hmman” for men’s clothing. If the social media manager for H&M wanted to tweet that Instagram hashtag this would be the underlying URL:

When clicking that link from a smartphone or a tablet, the consumer is taken to the Instagram mobile website where login is required in order to engage with the content. The link cannot open the Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android where users are persistently logged in.

In contrast, here is what the same link updated with URLgenius looks like:

URLgenius Deep Links to Hashtags in the Instagram App for iOS and AndroidIn this example, when clicking on the URLgenius link, it will detect and instantly open the Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android directly to the hashtag “#hmman” if the app is installed. If the app is not installed it will go to the Instagram mobile website. We find that more than 65% of fashion brand audiences have the Instagram app installed.

Avoiding the Instagram mobile website login will increase the rate at which you acquire new followers. You are also likely to see an increase in likes and comments as your audience can more easily engage with your Instagram hashtags at any given mobile moment.

Best Practice: You can also append tracking parameters for Google analytics and other platforms to determine which campaigns and tactics are driving the most engagement with your Instagram hashtag. URLgenius also tells you what percentage of your audience has the Instagram app installed which could influence your marketing strategy. You may be surprised at what percentage of your audience has the mobile apps for Instagram installed.

Step-by-Step: Deep Links to Hashtags in the Instagram App

Where to place your URLgenius deep link to Instagram:

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Instagram
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