How to Append Campaign Attribution Tags for Google Analytics to App Deep Links

MarketersHow to Append Google Analytics Tags to App Deep Links for Campaign Measurement and Attribution. have long been familiar with Google Analytics for measuring website traffic and campaign attribution. Consumers now, however, prefer to spend most of their time in mobile apps. To reach customers and prospects effectively, it has become increasingly important for marketers to link into a company’s mobile app from different marketing channels including email, social networks and QR codes.

Google Analytics can be used for apps in the same way it’s used for websites. To increase app engagement and measure your campaign results, you just need to use an app deep linking platform like URLgenius which supports attribution tags for any measurement platform.

This post provides an overview of how to append Google Analytics tags to your URLgenius links to measure your campaign results and traffic sources. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have access to the Google Analytics account for the app to see the reporting. If you’re linking into a third-party mobile app such as a marketplace, the owner of that app would need to give you access to the Google Account or show the results back to you in some in some other type of report.

First, Your App Needs URL Schemes

Mobile apps don't have a common URL structure like worldwide web. Instead, apps have what's called a 'URL scheme' or 'intent scheme' taxonomy to open a specific screen or feature in the app. Think of a URL scheme like an address in the app. URLgenius uses URL schemes to open your app to the right place when the user clicks. If you are not sure what the URL scheme is for the screen or feature you want to open in your campaign, ask you mobile app development team or contact us and we'll try to find it for you.

If your app does not a URL scheme taxonomy, check out these best practices and ask your app development team to configure them in the next update to your app.

Second, Setup Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Before you can append Google Analytics tags to your URLgenius links, make sure the Google Analytics SDKs for iOS and Android are installed in your app.

Once these SDKs are installed and your app is configured to receive campaign attribution data, URLgenius empowers your marketing team or agency take it from there and create app deep links for different campaigns and marketing channels while appending tags to measure the success of the campaign. Your marketing team also has link level control over where to send the visitor when the app is not installed.

Third, Tag Your URLgenius Deep Links

You can include Google Analytics tags in the Web URL when you create your URLgenius link. You can add or change an app address or the attribution tags for any URLgenius link at any time. For example, the format for your homepage web URL would look something like this with attribution tags:

The URL scheme for that particular screen in the app would look something like this and would also include the same Google Analytics tags. Notice the beginning of the string is a bit different than a regular URL:


To add or change the app address or attribution tags for a URLgenius campaign link, just follow these steps:

Pro-tip: If you sign up to an Enterprise program for URLgenius, you can request that your URL scheme taxonomy is added to the URLgenius composer. This will make it easier for you and your team to create campaign links so you don't need to edit the settings to add the attribution tags. Ask your Solution Advisor for more information.

Once your visitor clicks the URLgenius link and the campaign data has been sent, then the activity will be attributed to that URLgenius link and available for reporting and analysis in Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics you can analyze the performance of the campaign as part of an Acquisition->Sources report or create a Custom Report. For example, you could create up a Custom Report with Source / Medium as a dimension and Users as a metric.

If you are not seeing the attribution information in your Google Analytics Reporting as expected, it could mean that your iOS or Android app needs to be configured further to receive the specific attribution information you are trying to send.

If some of your team members don't have access to your brand's Google Analytics account, keep in mind URLgenius reporting will still show you clicks, app-opens, referring URL or referring app, as well and some anonymous geo information.

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