How to Make Deep Links and App QR Codes for Facebook

Why update your Facebook profile link?facebook-200x200
Facebook links cannot detect the Facebook mobile app for iOS or Android. When a typical Facebook profile link is clicked from a smartphone or tablet, the visitor is sent to the Facebook mobile website where the user needs to login to either like, follow or comment on the content. Most people abandon at this point which translates to lost followers, likes and engagement.

Facebook Mobile App Deep Linking for iOS and Android
URLgenius lets you to update the link to your Facebook profile so it can open the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android. When your visitors click on your updated profile link, URLgenius will instantly detect and open the Facebook mobile app for iOS or Android. This makes it easier for your visitors to like and follow your profile or engage with your content. In addition, we'll show you how many times your profile link is opening the Facebook mobile app across platforms and devices.

Facebook Deep Linking Step-by-Step

Where to place your URLgenius deep links for Facebook:

URLgenius Deeplinking Metrics for Facebook
You can login to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to understand your progress in promoting your Facebook profile and content.

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