Deep Linking to Specific Instagram Pics

Instagram logo-200x200Why Deep Link to Specific Instagram Pics?
Social marketers may have a many reasons for wanting to deep link to specific pics in the Instagram app for iOS and Android. There might be certain pictures, for example, that could drive more followers to the brand profile. Time sensitive or historical content could be another reason to link to specific pictures rather than the Instagram profile home page. Whatever your reason, make sure to avoid that Instagram mobile Website login.

Updating Links to Individual Instagram Pics with URLgenius
Links to individual Instagram pics cannot open the Instagram app for iOS or Android. The link will bring your visitor to the Instagram mobile website where the user needs to login to like or engage with the photo. For example, here is a link to a specific picture for the Levi's brand:

Notice the link has '/p/' in the path which means it's an induvidual picture link. Follow these steps to update individual links like this one with URLgenius so it can open the Instagram app directly to that picture.

Where to place URLgenius Instagram links to individual pics:

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Instagram
You can login to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to understand how often the link to this pic is opening the Instagram app on iOS and Android.

Make sure to update your profile links in the same way for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, Linkedin, Messenger, Telegram and even Amazon and other shopping apps.

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