How to Create a Single QR Code and Link that Opens the iOS App Store or Google Play

URLgenius App Store Links for iTunes and Google PlayURLgenius App Store Links for iOS and Android
Promoting an app for iOS or Android is challenging and removing extra steps in the consumer journey is important to maximize app installations. One challenge is creating an efficient path the right app store. A common solution is to create a landing page for the app that includes the iOS and Android app store logos, letting the consumer select the right link for the right store.

Pro Tip QR codes and mobile apps: Dynamic QR codes (one or in bulk) to open mobile apps have special requirements. Using a platform like URLgenius lets you create a one intelligent QR code that will open the right app store (iOS or Android) depending on the device doing the scanning. Equally important is that you can set the code to open the app when it's already installed instead of sending those visitors back to the app stores. A great way to boost app re-engagement!

URLgenius lets you create one intelligent link that routes traffic to Apple iTunes or Google Play depending on the device clicking the link. URLgenius app store links help you remove a step in the consumer journey by taking your visitors directly to iTunes or Google Play to download your app. This can be incredibly effective in cases where the consumer does not need any additional information about the app prior to visiting the app store.

Desktop users who happen to click your URLgenius app store link are taken to the app’s landing page or fallback URL designated by marketing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a URLgenius app store link. In this example, we'll use the shopping app for Kohl's department store.

First, consider your fallback URL. Kohl's has a landing page in place which includes links to both app stores:

URLgenius App Store Link for Kohl

URLgenius App Store Links Step-by-Step

Where to use your URLgenius App Store Links:

Analytics and Attribution for URLgenius App Store Links
You can login to your URLgenius dashboard at any time to copy your app store link again or to access analytics.

Best Practice: append web or channel analytics UTM parameters (Google Analytics, Omniture, Kenshoo etc.) to attribute app store visits to different campaigns and marketing channels. You can also append UTM parameters for the Apple iTunes and Google Play SDKs.

Here is an example chart for daily app store clicks by date range.

URLgenius Analytics for App Store Links

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